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{{Infobox person
| image                    = Perseus_Arkomanis.jpg
| image_size                =
| alt                      =
| caption                  =
| birth_name                = Perseus Arkomanis
| birth_day                = 28th of April 
| birth_year                = 1982
| birth_place              = Athans (Greece)
| death_day                = 
| death_year                = 
| death_place              =
| resting_place            =
| resting_place_coordinates = 
| nationality              = Greek
| known_for                = Writing the first theoretical book in Greece about the art of magic
| notable works            = Slide (presented by Paul Harris)
| flourished                =
| awards                    =
| website                  =
| misc                      =
'''Perseus Arkomanis''' after years of amateur practice, began his professional career as a magician in 2005 with the stage-name '''De'Mon'''.
He has been in and given seminars in Greece. He also traveled around the world to watch seminars about magic and psychology from the greatest magicians of the world. He performs his art in theaters, kids parties and adult private parties, bars, restaurants, book presentations, commercials and product placement.
In 2006 he co-founded the "Arko Magic" team with which he competed on "Greece got Talent" where he was one of the finalists.
In 2012 he wrote the first book in Greece which analyses the art of magic in a theoretical, psychological and philosophical level, called "[[The Art of Magic (De'Mon)|The Art of Magic]]" by Gutenberg Publishing.
He specializes in close up, parlour, stage and mental magic.
He has studied psychology, kids psychology and social studies.
The artistic perspective of Perseus Arkomanis is one of theatrical character.He's not satisfied with the plain presentation of "tricks". Through the plot and atmosphere which he builds in every performance he makes sure to express private stories and worries.Thus, he entertains and troubles the audience's minds with his unique way making it wonder in the world of Magic.
Aesthetics, punctuality, originality, artistic and spiritual culture along with his love for the art of magic define the high level that Perseus sets as his standard.All these justifiably place him in the top of Greek Magic

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