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De La Mano

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De La Mano

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BornZell Dreitzehn

De La Mano (fl. l830s-80s), born in Austria, was the stage name of Zell Dreitzehn. he Toured Europe for 4 decades before his 1st USA tour in 1876, with a third and final one in 1881.[1]


Dreitzehn came from a wealthy Austrian family who owned a successful European circus. By the age of 20, he was a highly skilled illusionist.
Broadside (c.1877)

He traveled to New York in the 1870s due to the area's growing interest in Spiritualism. He supposedly vanished while investigating hauntings at a home in Westerlo, New York in 1882.

He was last known to be investigating psychic occurrences at a farm in Westerlo, New York during the fall of 1882. While locked in his room during a particularly severe rainstorm, Dreitzehn vanished and no one ever heard from him again. His entire illusion show, stored in some forgotten warehouse, was never found. He also left behind a trunk full of broadsides and posters. These came to light in August of 1987 when a farmer found the trunks tucked away in a corner of his barn and contacted collector and stage magician Peter Monticup. Just hours after Monticup took the trunk from the barn, the building wass truck by lightning and burned to the ground.

Dreizehn, which translates to thirteen in German stage name translates to "of the hand" in Spanish but his was also billed as French.


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