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Derek Dingle

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Derek Dingle

Cover of Genii (1975)
BornJuly 1, 1937
London, England
DiedJanuary 11, 2004 (age 66)
New York City

Derek Dingle (b.1937-d.2004) was a renowned close-up English magician born in London. TIME magazine has called Derek Dingle, "...the greatest card manipulator existant..."


His interest in magic grew after joining the Royal Air Force and meeting another magician, James Gregory, of Kenilworth, England. When they were in Hong Kong for 12 months, they made up trick packs of cards for magic dealer W. Y. Chu. Dingle spent a year working in magic shops in Hong Kong, where he practiced magic sleights with coins and billiard balls.

After leaving the army and spending a few years in Canada, Dingle moved to New York City, where he became friends with many more magicians.

Dingle became very proficient with difficult sleight of hand technique with playing cards and coins. Among fellow magicians, he was well known for his skill in executing the Pass.

Derek contributed effects to many periodicals including Apocalypse, Chronicles and Richard's Almanac.

He died on January 10, 2004, of a stroke.


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