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Divino is a Mechanical Deck idea created by Charles T. Jordan for obtaining a duplicate of a freely chosen card.

Advertised as "No longs or shorts. Easy to handle, and pack may be shown all different by fanning"

The Effect: The spectator cuts the pack several times, and deals it into two face dowm heaps, a card at a time to each. Picking up either heap, he counts' down in it to any number from 12 to 20, notes the card at that position, and shuffles the packet. You lift off half of the packet on the table, having him put his packet on its lower half, then you drop the packet lifted off on top of all, burying his heap in the center. Placing the deck in your pocket, have him name a number under 12, You bring forth a card at a time, and on the number he named you produce the card he selected*

The instructions were original sold for $1 and then later included in Sign of Exceptional Magic No. 4. (1935) and the later within Encyclopedia of Card Tricks (1937).


  • DOUBLE DIVINO by Jordan in Encyclopedia of Card Tricks (1937)