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Easy Money

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Easy Money is a multiple Bill Switch created by Patrick Page where, with just a rub, four pieces of paper change into actual money.

P.B.: Actually, I'm not able to find when Page created his effect. In Pabular, Vol. 5, no. 7, July 1979, page 709, Pat Page writes:

"Ali is just back from Japan and he dropped me a line which arrived today, enclosing the Japanese version of an old effect of mine. “Easy Money” it was called. I don’t know what the Japanese manufacturer calls his version, but as he didn’t pay me anything for the rights to manufacture it. . .for him. . .it is easy money."


List given by Jeff.Prace or Magicman4646...

  • Easy Money by Patrick Page in the 1970s. (See Rope Magic and Magic with Paper in DVD Secret Seminars - 2002).
  • Flash Cash by Fred Kaps
    • Fred Kaps' lecture notes as "Newspaper to Dollars" in Lecture Book (1973).
    • Michael Ammar's Easy to Master Money Miracles, Vol. 3 (2003)
    • Easy Money Booklet from Magic Inc - actually teaches Flash Cash version along with some history on the effect with illustrations by Jay Marshall.
  • Foreign Exchange: A marketed item from Jim Pace, uses the same gimmick as Patrick Page’s “Easy Money” (1994).
  • Slow Burn by Richard Sanders (2002)
  • Dollarama by Bob King is a variation of Fred Kap's Flash Cash (2002).
  • Hundy 500 by Gregory Wilson on Hundy 500 with Gregory Wilson (DVD - 2003)
  • 3D Cash by Mark Allen (2004)
  • Paper to Money Plus by Trick Productions (2006)
  • Handy 500 by Dan White on Juan's Hundred Dollar Bill Switch DVD - bills change inside the spectator's hand. The spectator holds the five bills, and you wave your hand over them and they change (2006).
  • Heiny 500 by Karl Hein - Five bills slowly and visibly change to a higher denomination (2007).
  • Vicissitube by Cory Burke on DVD Voracity (2007)
  • Extreme Burn by Richard Sanders (2007)
  • LottoCash by Peter Studebaker (2007)
  • Prophet by Tom Isaacson variation with permission from Patrick Page (2008).
  • Alpha Cash by Jay Noblezada exactly the same as Fred Kaps' Flash Cash (2008).
  • Visceral by Derek Roberts done at chest level (2009).
  • Money for Nothin' and Tricks for Free by Phil Cass of Australia (same to "Easy Money") (2009)
  • HandOut 500 by Steve Haynes. It utilizes a new gimmick, which takes away the extra thickness of the bills and can them handout after the change (2009).
  • Dubya’s Tax Rebate, marketed version of Kaps’s "Flash Cash" (Blank pieces of paper change into novelty $200 bills with George W. Bush’s portrait)
  • Show Me the Money by Magic Makers