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Edge Grip

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The Edge Grip, a Coin Concealment, appears first in Hugard's Magic Monthly, Vol. 2, no. 12, (May 1945) and in Paul Morris' trick A Life Saver. It, however, gave no way to get into or out of the position.

David Roth is largely credited with popularizing this grip's use in modern coin magic by creating methods of getting into it during performance (before Roth, Edge Grip was a "one shot" deal in which the magician had to turn his back to get into the grip). Most of his material with the Edge Grip is taught in David Roth's Expert Coin Magic (Kaufman, 1985).

Other well known practitioners of Edge Grip are Kainoa Harbottle and Giacomo Bertini. Kainoa Harbottle published his manuscript Coins on Edge detailing his work primarily on Edge Grip stack transfers. Giacomo Bertini recently put out a CD of video files with much of his work primarily centering around pinky transfers and the Edge Grip.

One of his most famous routines using the Edge Grip is Roth's version of John Ramsay's "Hanging Coins".


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