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* [[Edward Proudlock's Version of the Sympathetic Silks]] (1936)
* [[Edward Proudlock's Version of the Sympathetic Silks]] (1936)
* [[Twenty Magical Novelties]] (1936)
* [[Twenty Magical Novelties]] (1936)
* Proudlock's [[Egg Bag and Four Ace Presentations]] (1938)
* [[Proudlock's Egg Bag and Four Ace Presentations]] (1938)

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Edward Bagshawe
DiedFebruary 17, 1940
CategoriesBooks by Edward Bagshawe

Edward Bagshawe (1902-1940) was a professional dealer during the 1920s in London, England. He edited the magic magazines Magical Monthly (1923-1926), Talks on Trix (1926 - 1927), and Edward Bagshawe's Magical Journal (1927-1932).


He invented the Optica Deck and is often credited with the paper modification of the Out-to-Lunch principle which he used with "The Recurring Name" in Twenty Magical Novelties (1930).

After his suicide, his business was absorbed by Davenports.