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Edward Bagshawe

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Edward Bagshawe (1902 - 1940) was a professional dealer during the 1920s in London, England.

Edward Bagshawe
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He invented the Optica Deck. He is also being credited with the paper modification of the Out-to-Lunch principle (1) used with "The Recurring Name" contained in Twenty Magical Novelties (1930) but Max Maven has found early sources. To wit (as write Sir Jon): "However, in 1994 I tracked down the existence of a prior source, Tom Bowyer's "A Message From Nowhere" in the April 1928 Linking Ring. And, in 1995, I found yet an earlier credit: William Larsen Sr., "Finger Prints" in the July 1923 Sphinx." (Reprint from The Collected Wisdom of Magic Talk)

Bagshawe edited the magic magazine Magical Monthly from 1923 - 1926.

After his suicide his business was absorbed by Davenport's.

(1) Again, according to Max Maven, Out-to-Lunch is simply the name of a marketed trick by Bob Ellis and Clare Cummings in 1947. The premise of the principle is in William Robinson's book, Spirit Slate Writing and Kindred Phenomena (1898), entitled The Interrupted Flap.


  • Exclusive Problems in Magic (1924)
  • More Magical Mysteries (1925)
  • Novel Mysteries - Part One - Original Silk Effects (1927)
  • Novel Mysteries - PART Two - Original Card Effects (1927)
  • The Le Walke Mysteries (1927)
  • Novel Mysteries - Part Three - Original Pocket Effects (1928)
  • Novel Mysteries - Part Four - Original Spiritualistic Effects (1928)
  • Novel Mysteries - Part Five - Miscellaneous Magic (1930)
  • Twenty Magical Novelties (1930)
  • Novel Mysteries - Part Six - More Miscellaneous Magic (1932)
  • E.D. Proudlock's Routine with Thimbles (1933)
  • Edward Proudlock's Version of the Sympathetic Silks (1936)
  • Proudlock's Egg Bag and Four Ace Presentations (1938)