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Endless Amusements

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See also: Endless Amusement (1815).
Endless Amusements
Publication Date1842

Endless Amusements : or, the Art of Legerdemain Made Easy to Young Persons was first published in Boston, Massachusetts in 1842. Hall's Old Conjuring Books, page 182, says "this relied on Deans The Whole Art of Legerdemain for most of its text and illustrations."

Table of Content

  • Amusements with Cards
  • Page 105: To Tell the Number of Points on Three Cards placed under Three different Parcels of Cards
  • Page 106: The Ten Duplicates (MUTUS, DEDIT, NOMEN, COCIS)
  • Page 106: To Tell how many Cards a Person takes out of a pack, and to specify each Card
  • Page 107: A Hundred different names being written on the Cards, to tell the particular Name any Person thought of
  • Page 108: Several different Cards being fixed on by different Persons, to name that on which each person fixed
  • Page 109: To name the Rank of a Card that a Person has drawn from a Piquet Pack
  • Page 109: To tell the Amount of the Numbers of any Two Cards drawn from a common Pack
  • Page 110: To Tell the Amount of the Numbers of any Three Cards that a person shall draw from the pack
  • Page 111: How to make the Pass
  • Page 112: The Divining Card
  • Page 113: The Four Confederate Cards
  • Page 114: The Numerical Card
  • Page 114: The Card found out by the Point of a Sword
  • Page 114: The Card hit upon by Guess
  • Page 115: The Card changed by Word of Command (Transposition)
  • Page 115: The Three Magical Parties
  • Page 116: The Magic Vase
  • Page 117: The Divining Perspective Glass
  • Page 118: The Card in the Ring
  • Page 119: The Card in the Mirror
  • Page 120: The Card in the Opera Glass
  • Page 120: To Separate the Two Colours of a pack of Cards by One Cut (too late Mr. Hofzinser!)
  • Page 120: The Metamorphosed Cards
  • Page 122: To discover the Card which is drawn, by the Throw of a Die
  • Page 122: To Tell the Number of the Cards by their Weight
  • Page 123: To change the Cards which several Persons have drawn from the Pack (General Card)
  • Page 123: The Card discovered under the Handkerchief
  • Page 124: The Convertible Aces
  • Page 124: To tell the Card that a Person has touched with his Finger
  • Page 125: The Card in the Pocket Book
  • Page 125: The Card in the Egg
  • Page 126: The Card discovered by the Touch or Smell
  • Page 126: The Inverted Cards
  • Page 127: The Transmutable Cards
  • Page 127: The Convertible Cards


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