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*[[The Berg Book]] (1983) (with [[David Avadon]])
*[[The Berg Book]] (1983) (with [[David Avadon]])
*Walter Jeans, Illusioneer (1986) (with Peter Warlock)
*[[Walter Jeans, Illusioneer]] (1986) (with Peter Warlock)
*P.T. Selbit: Magical Innovator (1989) (with [[Peter Warlock]])
*[[P.T. Selbit: Magical Innovator]] (1989) (with [[Peter Warlock]])

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Eric C. Lewis (1908 - November 23, 1993) was a British-born illusion builder that emigrated to the United States. Founded the MagiCraft Magic Manufacturing Co. He also worked with illusion builder John Gaughan before his retirement.

Eric C. Lewis
DiedNovember 23, 1993
CategoriesBooks by Eric C. Lewis

His best known creation is the Diminishing Silk Production.

The Academy of Magical Arts voted him Stage Magician of the Year twice, honored him with a Literary Fellowship and in 1985 awarded him the Masters Fellowship.

He is the father of magician Martin Lewis.

He authored over 20 books.


  • Well I Never! (1931)
  • Studies in Mystery (1941)
  • Eric Lewis’ Rope Routine (The Triple Cut Rope Routine) (1969)
  • A Choice of Miracles (1980)
  • A Continuation of Miracles (1981)
  • The Crowning Miracles (1983)
  • Martin's Miracles (1985)