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Eugene Verbeck

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Eugene Verbeck
BornEugene-Laurent Verbeke
November 3, 1844
Landrecies, France
Diedcirca 1905 (age 61)
New York

Eugene Verbeck (1844-1905), was the stage name of the French magician Eugene-Laurent Verbeke. He became a familiar figure on the stages of Paris, appearing at venues such as the Folies-Bergère and Eldorado.


In 1883 he toured Finland, and prior to his arrival in Britain, around 1885, had been playing a season at the Théâtre des Nouveautés in Paris.

In England, Verbeck performed Second Sight with Mademoiselle Marguerit, who also performed other mentalism type effects.

He was later employed by P. T. Barnum and made several tours in the United States and retired in New York.

An example of his program included[1]:

  1. Cards passed up the sleeve.
  2. Multiplication of money, or The Banker (a certain number of coins counted out, then a few more passed invisibly to join them).
  3. A glove fired from a pistol and produced from a spectator's coat.
  4. The torn and restored card fired on to a bottle.
  5. The programme, envelopes and ring trick (a programme transformed into a nest of envelopes, a borrowed ring vanished and found in innermost envelope).
  6. The diminishing cards.
  7. Three cards selected, the number of pips found to correspond with answer to a sum previously put down by the spectators.
  8. Various articles of jewellery vanished from a box and' caught one at a time in the hand from the air.
  9. The paper cone and production of flowers.
  10. A handkerchief passed from a paper cone to a glass casket.
  11. Sleights with a cork ball.
  12. Several cards selected, the total number of pips appears on a slate previously shown clean on both sides.
  13. Selected cards produced at any number in the pack.
  14. Production of a shower of cards from spectator's clothing.


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