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Extreme Close-Up

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Extreme Close-Up

Originally released on video in 1998, David Acer’s Extreme Close-Up, produced by the Camirand Academy of Magic, was reissued in 2006 as a DVD with three new television appearances to go along with those already there on which Acer performs some of the material from this DVD.

Four aces erupt from a face-down deck in a sudden, explosive display. A borrowed finger ring links to the arm of a borrowed pair of glasses. Three quarters penetrate a regular deck that’s resting on the mouth of a drinking glass. A bottle cap is tossed into the air, then suddenly skewered on the end of the magician’s forefinger. A stickman drawn on the back of an indifferent card multiplies and appears on the backs of all four cards in a packet, then vanishes from all the cards but one—naturally, it’s the selection. A borrowed bill changes not once, but twice into currency from any two countries chosen by a spectator. And the list goes on.

Extreme Close-Up on DVD features 13 routines straight from Acer’s professional repertoire, plus 14 sleights & utilities, including Richard Sanders’ PLOP!, Acer’s THE TRINARY CUT, Haruhito Hirata’s MASTER MOVE, and more.

Tricks Performed & Taught

  • Lickety Flip
  • Hofzinser’s Delusion
  • Changes
  • Around the World in 80 Dollars (plus DVD bonus, Max Maven’s “Around the World to the Max")
  • Cheap Labour
  • Plop! (Richard Sanders)
  • Over Easy
  • Ringer
  • Quartermain
  • The President’s Message
  • Color Scheme
  • Madcap
  • Rink
  • Paintbrush

Sleights Taught

$100 Bill Switch (Kozlowski/Klause) • Annemann/Christ Alignment Move • Click Pass • Elmsley Count (Alex Elmsley) • Finger Ring French Drop (unknown) • Flippant (Looy Simonoff) • Flipwich (Acer/Ben Harris) • French Canadian Drop (Gary Ouellet) • Hirata Master Move (Haruhito Hirata) • Natural Grip Radical Change (Richard Kaufman) • Painting the Cards (Walter Cummings) • Siva Count (Jack Avis) • Swivel Cut • The Trinary Cut (Acer)

A Sampling of Reviews

  • “This is a video I like to watch just to see that rare combination of someone who can do serious close-up magic and make it entertaining to watch.” Bill Duncan, M.U.M.
  • “In addition to the plentiful card magic, there are also several beautiful non-card items... this disc is a bargain.Joe M. Turner, Genii Magazine
  • “...every piece, and I say this with absolutely no reservation, will stun a lay audience.” Jim Sisti, editor, The Magic Menu