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Finn Jon

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Finn Jon
BornFinn Johan Hauger
March 14, 1939
Vålerenga, Oslo, Norway

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Finn Jon (born 14th of March 1939), the stage name of Finn Johan Hauger, specializes on cabaret performance, and has revolutionized magic animation, psychokinesis and levitation, and he is considered the father of modern levitation magic.


Finn Jon grew up in poverty on Vålerenga with his parents and older sister. The main bulk of his family comes from Gudbrandsdalen. He started doing magic aged six.


Finn Jon is an educated plumber, and worked as such for a short time before he became a professional magician in 1964.


Finn Jon started as a semi-professional magician in his teens. In the early 1960s, he won a series of competitions for magicians and matured as an artist. After being given a second prize in the World Championships of Magic in Barcelona 1964, he got enough bookings to become a full-time professional magician.

In the first time as a professional illusionist, he worked much in Norway, and was a regular artist at jazz- and variety theater Regnbuen in Oslo. In addition, he worked smaller nightclubs around Northern Europe and toured with circuses. The cornerstone illusion of his act was always the Floating Sphere, where a large metal sphere was floating in free air in front of him.

In 1968 he got an engagement a Raymond Revuebar in London, an exclusive erotic club, where he entertained with classic card- and ball-manipulation in addition to the Floating Sphere. He was re-engaged here in 1972.

In the 1980s and 1990s, he worked for 12 years in the legendary variety theatre Crazy Horse Saloon in Paris, where he doubled with Norm Nielsen.

From 1995, he has had regular seasons at the ra 1995 Tigerpalast in Frankfurt, one of the last variety theaters in Europe.

I addition, he´s had several shorter engagements in theaters in Monte Carlo, Las Vegas and Tokyo.


The inventor of several original effects and concepts, the most popular being Loops; invisible elastics used to animate and levitate objects close-up. His best effect would be the Dancing Tie, where a tie borrowed from the audience is "hypnotized" into a cobra, which crawls over the floor, rises to attack, and where Finn Jon is forced to kill it with a revolver. In his commercial act does magic with cigars, soap bubbles and tennis balls.


  • The Dancing and Floating Cork (with Fred Kaps) (1972), published by Ken Brooke
  • La Magie de Finn Jon (1984), published by Georges Proust, translated to English by Daniel Rhod, general parlour magic
  • La Fil Élastique Invisible (1986), published by Georges Proust, translated to english by Daniel Rhod, magic with invisible elastic thread
  • Magie Des Bulles (1988), published by Georges Proust, translated to English by Daniel Rhod, magic with soap bubbles

Prizes and awards

Finn Jon has received numerous prizes for his creative work, such as:

  • Nordic Champion of Magic 1960
  • Nordic Champion of Magic 1961
  • Nordic Champion of Magic 1962
  • Nordic Champion of Magic 1963
  • Second price in World Championships of Magic 1964
  • Eternal membership in Magiske Cirkel Norge 1979
  • Mandrake D´Or 1992
  • Creative Fellowship from Academy of Magical Arts 1995
  • Honorary membership in Taikapiiri Magic Circle Finland 2012
  • Performing Fellowship from Academy of Magical Arts 2012

In addition, he was a Special Award nominee for the Theory and Philosophy at FISM


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