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Five Close-Up Problems

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Five Close-Up Problems (or the $3 Manuscript) was a hastily prepared second manuscript by Dai Vernon and Faucett Ross in 1933 that followed the Twenty Dollar Manuscript.

Five Close-Up Problems
AuthorFaucett Ross
Publication Date1933

One person who wanted the original $20 manuscript was Julien Proskauer, whom was very active in the conduct of the Sphinx but had a rule of making purchases only from those who advertised in the Sphinx. Since the first Vernon manuscript had been previously announced that it would not be publicly advertised, they came up with a plan. They quickly prepared another manuscript entitled "Five Close-up Problems by Dai Vernon" and swapped the first manuscript for a full page ad in the Sphinx (which was worth twenty dollars) selling this second manuscript for only three dollars.

This second manuscript enjoyed an excellent response and they did no farther advertising of any kind.

It contained a card trick that has since become a classic, Follow the Leader.


  • Follow the Leader
  • Another You Do As I Do
  • Novel Card Transposition
  • Perfect Coin Vanish
  • Short Change with Long Green


  • Background on the DeeVee Manuscript by Faucett W. Ross, Ibidem, Vol 1, no. 6, june 1955, page 106.
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