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Forcing Book

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A Forcing Book or Force Book is a specially printed book used in mind-reading Book Tests meant to look like an ordinary book.

Hybrid or "natural" force books are specific normal book, but have been found to have properties of a gimmicked forcing book.

Ken Driscoll booklet "Natural Force Books I" describes his Driscoll’s system for turning almost any genuine book into a Force Book.[1][2][3]


  • Ken Driscoll's booklet "Natural Force Books" (2004)

Example Force Books

  • Karl Fulve's Aftermath: Stories from the Rigel War (1976)
  • Sam Schwartz's Incredi-Book published by Karl Fulves (1983)
  • Ken Klosterman's Rising to any Occasion (1993)
  • The Shakespeare Experiment released by The Miracle Factory (2009)
  • W.P. Huntington's Cheeky Chat: A Versebook (1904)
  • William W. Durbin's New Spirit Verse Book (published by Thayer) (1919)
  • Murder By Magic, book test by Gerald Kaufman & Royal V. Heath (1933)
  • Mother Goose Mystery, by Martin Gardner (used a book titled Favorite Mother Goose Rhymes, 1941, later reprinted in 1953)
  • Richard Himber's $1,000 Challenge (Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Apr. 1951)
  • Cyclops Book Test, by Jack Chanin (1958)
  • Arthur Setterington's Pass the Salt (1965)
  • Anthony Raven's The Necromantic Grimoire of Augustus Rupp (1974),
  • Sam Dalal's My Favorite Verse (1976) - a collection of limericks
  • John Cornelius's The Magician's Date Book (1981).
  • Blind Man’s Bluff, a dictionary test by Ray Piatt (then a.k.a. Magic Makers, from the 1970s or 80s)
  • Ultra Magazine & Book Test by El Duco (1986)
  • Would, Could, Should force book by Penn & Teller (a supplement to their book Cruel Tricks for Dear Friends (1989))


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