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Genii 1937 November

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Genii 1937 November
DateNovember 1937
Cover SubjectEdward Saint
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Genii - Volume 2, Number 3 - November 1937

  • Page 72: Our Cover - Edward Saint (Article) by William W. Larsen, Sr.
  • Page 73: Genii Speaks (Editorial) by William W. Larsen, Sr.
  • Page 74: The Finders (Cards) by Orville W. Meyer
  • Page 74: The Watch Restored (Miscellaneous Props) by Loring Campbell
  • Page 74: Pin-Cushion Thumb (Miscellaneous Props) by Lu Brent
  • Page 75: The Legend of the Cherry Blossons (Patter) by Frank Chapman
  • Page 75: Transforming the Dover Pan (Miscellaneous Props) by Herman L. Weber
  • Page 76: The Magic Carpet (Cards) by Frank R. Joy
  • Page 76: Rabbit from Screen Tube (Miscellaneous Props) by Jos Rukus
  • Page 77: And Now a Silk from a Pipe (Miscellaneous Props) by Charles W. Fricke
  • Page 77: Animated Grapefruit (Miscellaneous Props) by E.G. Ervin (Dr.)
  • Page 77: A Card Divination (Cards) by George C. Hanneman
  • Page 77: Chief Blackstar's Coffin Escape (Illusions) by Blackstar (Indian Magician)
  • Page 78: The Bottle, the Lemon and the Bill (Miscellaneous Props) by Irving Joslyn
  • Page 78: Out of the Flame (Miscellaneous Props) by Dale Williams
  • Page 79: The Piano Test (Mentalism) by Judson S. Brown
  • Page 79: Penn-Jersey News (News) by Lu Brent
  • Page 79: Max & Skully - Ventriloquism (Patter) by Max Terhune
  • Page 80: Cards by T. Page Wright & William W. Larsen, Sr.
    • An Instant Cut at Any Number
    • A Cut at Any Number
  • Page 81: Ellis Stanyon's Notable Explanations in Magic
    • Wine and Water Mystery
    • Dictionary of Chemical Color
  • Page 82: Phantom Silk Dying (Miscellaneous Props) by Frank Chapman
  • Page 82: Amateur Department (Article) by Arthur C. Spratt
  • Page 83: The Ghost Tube (Miscellaneous Props) by E.G. Ervin (Dr.)
  • page 83: Rope Restoration (Rope) by Vernon Cook
  • Page 84: A Modern Opener (Miscellaneous Props) by Frank Chapman
  • Page 84: Professor Drill's Rice Bowl (Miscellaneous Props) by R.S. Glover
  • Page 84: From Behind the 8 Ball (News) by Tee Hee (the Yokohama Yoke l)
  • Page 85: Recommended Magic (Review) by William W. Larsen, Sr.
    • Mickey Mouse and his Magic Coats by Anonymous
    • Great Purse Game by Al Baker
  • Page 85: Candid Camera Clicks Peep-Hole Box Camera - Is Zat So ? (Article) by Orac Rellim
  • Page 85: Ideas of Idle Moments by Lu Brent
    • A Coin in Flight (Coins)
    • A Hindoo Rolls a Cigarette (Miscellaneous Props)
    • A Designer's Delight (Miscellaneous Props)
    • Hanky Bunny Turns Real (Miscellaneous Props)
  • Page 86: Thoughts as Things - Continuing Discussion of Program Material (Article) by Dariel Fitzkee
  • Page 86: A "Different" Shadow Trick (Miscellaneous Props) by Robert Skull
  • Page 87: The Proskauertution of Magic - Wherein I Write as I Please (Article) by William W. Larsen, Sr.
  • Page 88: Paging the Ladies by Geraldine Conrad
    • Diary of a Magician's Wife (Article)
  • Page 90: Club Reports (News) by Various
  • Page 93: Chicago Notes by George Troseth
  • Page 94: Ribbins (News) by C.T.
  • Page 95: Convention News (News) by Various
  • Page 95: Sorcero's Cynicisms (Article) by C.A. George Newmann
  • Page 96: Chap's Corner (Article) by Frank Chapman
  • Page 96: Thru the Monocle (News) by Edward Saint (Dr.)
  • Page 97: Scattered Shots (News) by Len O. Gunn
  • Page 97: Magic of the East (News) by Max Holden
  • Page 98: Woofle-Dust (Article) by Bill Taylor
  • Page 99: Light from the Lamp (Review) by Lloyd E. Jones
  • Page 100: Bagdad (News) by Various