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Genii 1939 November

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Genii 1939 November
DateNovember 1939
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  • Page 70: Genii Speaks By William W. Larsen, Sr.


  • Page 71: With a Phone Book By Hubert Brill
  • Page 72: Card Flight By Jon Kirby
  • Page 73: The Little Star Prediction By Oscar Weigle, Jr
  • Page 74: Chink-A-Card By Judson Brown
  • Page 74: Spirit Photography By Loring Campbell
  • Page 75: The Card In Pocket Transposition By T. Page Wright & Wm. Larsen
  • Page 75: The Return Match By Val Evans
  • Page 75: Murder Mystery with Cards By Robert Gunther
  • Page 76: Birth of America Flag By Will Cheetum
  • Page 76: Wrinkles By Spencer Crilly


  • Page 69: Our Cover Russ Walsh By William W. Larsen, Sr.
  • Page 76: To a "Master" Mind (Poem) By Chalidenig
  • Page 77: Making Modern Magic Modern, Chapter 2 By Dariel Fitzkee
  • Page 80: New York Conclave By Rev. Gordon W. Mattice
  • Page 81: A Friend of Magic: Col. Harry Day (Obituary) By Dr. Edward Saint
  • Page 84: Why Magicians Go Mad By Herman E. Krimmel
  • Page 88: Fight Exposures By Caryl S. Leming


  • Page 76: GENII JUNIORS By Billy Larsen
  • Page 78: From Wisconsin By Walter the Magician (Joseph C. Walter)
  • Page 78: Kanter's Komments By Mitchell Kanter
  • Page 79: PAGING THE LADIES By Geraldine Conrad
  • Page 81: Magi-Ministers By Rev. Gordon W. Mattice
  • Page 82: Ribbins By C. T.
  • Page 82: Chicago Chatter By Jim Sherman
  • Page 82: Scattered Shots By Len O. Gunn
    • Nate Leipzig 1873 - 1939 By William W. Larsen, Sr.
    • Nate Leipzig - A Eulogy By Julien Proskauer
    • A Gallant Gentleman Has Passed On By S. L. Quimby
  • Page 83: Magic of the East By Max Holden
  • Page 83: News from Blackstar By Chief Blackstar
  • Page 84: Magi-Chatter By Cedric
  • Page 85: The Little Magic Man By Al Fagaly
    • News from Bombay, India By Jehangir
    • Visitors from Singapour By Anonymous
  • Page 86: Chicago Notes By George Troseth
  • Page 86: Max and Skully By Max Terhune
  • Page 86: Los Magicos Legerdemain By Rudy Miller
  • Page 87: Northern California Comments By Robert J. Stull
  • Page 87: Didja Ever By Frank Stratton
  • Page 87: Just Paragraphs By Herman L. Weber
  • Page 88: Guild Show Success By Willam W. Larsen, Sr.
  • Page 89: REVIEW IN ROCOCO By Bob Weill
    • Fortune Telling Ball
    • Frying Pan By Robert Haskell
    • The Arabian Bead Mystery
    • Torn and Restored Magazine Cover By Lu Brent
    • Comedy Rabbit
    • Passe Passe Beer Can
    • Button Trick By Laurie Ireland
    • Beautiful Plume By Levante
    • Rabbitt Vanish By Percy Abbott
    • Daub Shading Box By Al Caroselli
    • Grandfather Trick By Frank Lane
    • De Luxe Egg Bag
    • Rice Bowls By Hanson
    • Mr. & Mrs. Green