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Genii 1940 February

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Genii 1940 February
DateFebruary 1940
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  • Page 177: Our Cover - Julian V. Boehm by William W. Larsen, Sr.
  • Page 177: We Hope You Are Like One of These (Mail) by Various
  • Page 178: Genii Speaks (Editorial) by William W. Larsen, Sr.
  • Page 179: Sponge Ball Routine (Miscellaneous Props) by William McCaffrey
  • Page 180: Page 180: Creation (Illusions) by Rudy Roxo
  • Page 181: Ten Questions (Answers page 188) (Article) by Frank Stratton
  • Page 181: Just Paragraphs (News) by Herman L. Weber
  • Page 181: Los Magicos Legerdemain (News) by Rudy Miller
  • Page 182: Comedy Rabbit Box (Miscellaneous Props) by Jon Kirby
  • Page 183: Do As I Do (Cards) by Orville W. Meyer
  • Page 183: Hands Above the Table (Miscellaneous Props) by Sid Fleischman
  • Page 184: Genii Juniors
    • Solid Through Solid (Miscellaneous Props) by Grant Stewart
    • Editorial by Billy Larsen, Jr.
    • My Pet Club Trick (Miscellaneous Props) by Billy Pitts
    • Wrinkles: Midget Doll House Production (Miscellaneous Props) by Spencer Crilly
  • Page 184: This Is Magic (Article) by Hubert T. Brill
  • Page 185: The Little Magic Man Cartoon (Article) by Al Fagaly
  • Page 196: Chap's Corner (Article) by Frank Chapman
  • Page 186: A Magician You Should Know Don Sweet (Article) by Anonymous
  • Page 186: Ribbins (News) by C.T.
  • Page 187: Paging the Ladies
    • Bagdette/ Magigals (Article) by Geraldine Conrad
    • "Wand"-ering Down Magic Lane (Article) by Rouclere, Jr.
    • Tricks with Food (Article) by Frances Bowen
  • Page 188: Detroit News (News) by Harold Sterling
  • Page 188: From Wisconsin (News) by Walter the Magician
  • Page 188: Scattered Shots (News) by Len O. Gunn
  • Page 189: Twin City News (News) by Loring Campbell
  • Page 189: Kanter's Komments (News) by Mitchell Kanter
  • Page 190: Dope in Deception in Detroit (News) by Rudy Roxo
  • Page 190: Northern California Comments (News) by Robert J. Stull
  • Page 190: New York Party of P.M.C. (Article) by Anonymous
  • Page 191: Just a Gag (Patter) by Max Terhune
  • Page 191: Chicago Notes (News) by George Troseth
  • Page 192: Chicago Chatter (News) by Jim Sherman
  • Page 192: Max Terhune & Skully at Appommattox, Virginia (Patter) by Max Terhune
  • Page 192: Magiministers (Article) by Gordon W. Mattice (Rev.)
  • Page 193: San Diego invites You ! (Article) by Carl Heilbron
  • Page 193: S.A.M. Ladies' Night (News) by Max Holden
  • Page 194: Knights of Magic (News) by Dick Lew
  • Page 194: Pasadena Magicians Guild (News) by Bill McGee
  • Page 194: Magic of the East (News) by Max Holden
  • Page 195: Letters of the Month (Mail) by Bud Spraker
  • Page 195: Sawing a Woman in Half (Article) by William Hyer
  • Page 195: Letters of the Month (Mail) by Cedric
  • Page 195: International News Magichatter (News) by Cedric
  • Page 196: Book Reviews by Bob Weill
  • Page 196: Magazines Reviewed by Bob Weill