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Genii 1948 March

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Genii 1948 March
DateMarch 1948
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  • Page 190: Facing the Facts (Editorial) by William W. Larsen, Sr.
  • Page 191: The Diabolical Dye (Miscellaneous Props) by Sidney Smith, Jr.
  • Page 191: The Perfect Prediction (Cards) by Gerald Kosky
  • Page 191: What an Opening (Miscellaneous Props) by Manfred Liles
  • Page 192: The Dr. Chang Checker Routine (Miscellaneous Props) by Sherman Ripley
  • Page 194: The Kangaroo Kard (Cards) by Donovan Brown (Dr.)
  • Page 195: Magi-Chatter (News) by Cedric
  • Page 195: Pieces of Eight (Coins) by Marvin Levy
  • Page 196: Patter for Double Thoughts (Patter) by Gerald Kosky
  • Page 196: Gravatt's Simplified Square Circle (Miscellaneous Props) by Glenn Gravatt
  • Page 197: Double Daring - The Basic Deck (Cards) by Frederick M. Shields & Bascom Jones, Jr.
  • Page 198: Torn or Restored (Article) by Milbourne Christopher
  • Page 199: Conjurers and Coaches (Article) by Henry R. Evans
  • Page 200: Magicana - Think (Cards) by William Woodfield
  • Page 201: Magicana - One Hand Cut by Bill Allstrand
  • Page 202: Magicana - Intermission by William Woodfield
  • Page 203: Mystic India (Article) by A. N. Opal (Cpt.)
  • Page 204: Paper and Ink (Review) by Dariel Fitzkee
  • Page 205: Paging the Ladies (News) by Geraldine Larsen
  • Page 206: Odd Magical Facts (Article) by Frank Fewins
  • Page 206: Our Cover - Al Baker by Billy Larsen
  • Page 207: Snapshots of Magic Personalities (Photos) by Anonymous
  • Page 208: News of the P.C.A.M. (News) by Anonymous
  • Page 209: Bagdad (News) by William W. Larsen, Sr.