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Genii 1950 January

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Genii 1950, Volume 14, no. 5.

  • Page 139: Petty Larceny (Editorial) by William W. Larsen, Sr.
  • Page 140: Five Routined Effects with a Book of Matches (Miscellaneous Props) by Monte Harris
  • Page 142: Olaf Corsen's Travelling Cane (Miscellaneous Props) by Olaf Corsen
  • Page 142: Cut & Restored Bicycle Hose (Miscellaneous Props) by Clement de Lion
  • Page 143: Diabolical Divination (Mentalism) by Sherman Ripley (Dr. Chang)
  • Page 144: By George...It's Sandsational ! Razor Blades and Cutting Remarks (Miscellaneous Props) by George Sands
  • Page 145: Comedy Card Table (Article) by Jack McKinney
  • Page 146: Fans in Magic Fan Tricks and Fan Act (Miscellaneous Props) by Ray Muse
  • Page 147: Mistakes Will Happen (Cards) by Gerald Kosky
  • Page 147: Chicanery by Chaudet (Illusions) by Chaudet
  • Page 148: Double Daring (Miscellaneous Props) by Frederick M. Shields & Bascom Jones, Jr.
  • Page 149: Let's Talk Magic Your Dollar Manuscript (Miscellaneous Props) by William W. Larsen, Sr.
  • Page 143: Towns' Teen Topics (Article) by Glen E. Towns
  • Page 143: Swami Salami Cartoon Strip (Article) by Hume & McAthy
  • Page 154: Dariel Fitzkee (Article) by Anonymous
  • Page 154: Dell-O-Toons (Article) by Dell O'Dell & George Johnstone
  • Page 154: New York Notes (News) by Bert Feinson
  • Page 155: Paper and Ink (Book review) by Dariel Fitzkee
  • Page 156: Publicity of the Month (Article) by Anonymous
  • Page 157: Phil Huckabee The Grapette Magician (Article) by Anonymous
  • Page 157: Notes from the Magicians Guild (News) by Walter Gibson
  • Page 158: Results of the Genii - Orben Poll Article Seven (Article) by Robert Orben