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Genii 1950 July

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Genii 1950 July
DateJuly 1950
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  • The Magi-Market Genii - Conjuror's Awards 1949 - 1950 (Article) by Anonymous 376
  • Guys and Gimmicks (Editorial) by William W. Larsen, Sr. 377
  • Brain-Wave for Experts (Cards) by Gerald Kosky 379
  • Sir Edward's Blooming Bouquet Stand (Miscellaneous Props) by Anonymous 379
  • Walker's Packing Box Escape (Miscellaneous Props) by Jimmy Walker 380
  • Whose Fingerprints? (Miscellaneous Props) by William W. Larsen, Sr. 382
  • New Cut and Restored Bandage (Miscellaneous Props) by Silent Mora 383
  • A Simplified Razor Blade Routine (Miscellaneous Props) by Sherman Ripley 384
  • Garrett's Ideas (Miscellaneous Props) by Teral Garrett 385
  • It's a Neat Trick - Spectator Shoots Selected Card Out of Magician's Hand (Cards) by Eddie Silverman 386
  • Double Daring - Edge of the Unknown (Cards) by Frederick M. Shields & Bascom Jones, Jr 387
  • Okito's Foulard Transposition (Miscellaneous Props) by Theo Bamberg 388
  • Letters from the Kids (Article) by Ray Muse 390
  • Why They Think You're Crazy (Article) by J. G. Demaray 391
  • Towns' Teen Topics (Article) by Glen E. Towns 392
  • Towns' Teen Topics (Close-up) Color Changing Pencil by Ray Bedwell
  • Swami Salami Cartoon Strip (Article) by Hume & McAthy 392
  • Our cover - Chandler Stevens (Article) by William W. Larsen, Sr. 393
  • London Letter (News) by Ted Elliott 393
  • Publicity of the Month (News) by Anonymous 394
  • Bagdad on the Hudson (News) by Edward W. Dart 396
  • New S.A.M. Parent Assembly President Paul Morris (News) by Anonymous 397
  • Paper and Ink (Book review) by Dariel Fitzkee 398
  • Notes form the Magicians Guild (News) by Edward W. Dart 399