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Genii 1953 September

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Genii 1953 September
DateSeptember 1953
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  • Page 01: Cover - Mello, The Magical Clown (Mel Jones)

  • Page 09: On With the Show by Billy Larsen, Jr.
  • Page 10: The Search for the Perfect Egg by Charles Waller
  • Page 11: Relation of English Money to American by Goodliffe
  • Page 12: The Serpent of Cyclops by Robert Henderson
  • Page 13: The Jumping Signature by Glenn Gravatt
  • Page 13: Ideas of Idle Moments by by Lu Brent
    • The Coin and Currency Pail
    • Currency Climax
  • Page 14: Spook 'N' Spoofers by Eugene Poinc
  • Page 16: Article - Drinks from Pitchers by Jay Palmer
  • Page 18: Double Daring - Superstition by Frederick Shields & Bascom Jones
  • Page 19: Paying your Way by Rex the Ace Magician
  • Page 20: Your New Act from Genii by Ray Muse
  • Page 21: The Trickeries of Bill Larsen - The Torn and Restored Newspaper Trick
  • Page 22: Towns' Teen Topics by Glen Towns
  • Page 23: I Question Orben by U.F. Grant
  • Page 24: Orben on Everything by Robert Orben
  • Page 25: The Society of American Magicians by Ray Muse
  • Page 26: Paper and Ink by Dariel Fitzkee
    • Shadows in the Moonlight (Book Test) by T. Page Wright
    • Wax Fax by Ed Mishell
    • Automentalism by Ken de Courcy
    • Entertaining witn Contact Mind Reading by Edward Dexter
    • Universal Mind by Ron Baillie
    • The Open Front Egg Bag by Jack Chanin
    • Sphinx, Phoenix, Entagram, Magical Digest, Gen, Magnet
  • Page 27: International Brotherhood of Magicians
    • What Is Good Publicity? by Charles Rosskam
    • Magic as an Art by Forrest Hendricks
  • Page 28: Our Cover - Mel Jones and Jean
  • Page 28: Swami Salami by Hume and McAthy
  • Page 29: Without the Shuffle by Gene Gordon
  • Page 29: Geniially Spealing by Geraldine Larsen
  • Page 30: Magicians' Guild of America by Drake Smith
  • Page 31: Magic Cross Word Puzzle by Norman Howe
  • Page 32: News of the M.D.A. by Dolly Snow


Genii 1954 September was also printed (incorrectly) as Volume 18, no. 1. on the cover.