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Genii 1954 May

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Genii 1954 May
DateMay 1954
Cover SubjectJohn Daniels
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  • Page 337: On with the Show by Bily Larsen, Jr.
  • Page 338: The Enchanted Flute by James Rainho
  • Page 339: Simplified Billiard Ball Routine by John Neish
  • Page 340: The Card Wizard's Illusion by Michael Rosenbloom
  • Page 341: Do You Have that Trick by Jim Ryan
  • Page 342: The Crystal Gazer by Bud Spraker
  • Page 343: Sorcerer's Sketchbook - The Shrunken Head of the Jivaro Nyanga by Eugene Poinc
  • Page 344: The Power of Will by Hereward Carrington
  • Page 345: A. Nugent, local Locksmith, Knows his Restraints by Anonymous
  • Page 345: Magical News by Alma Pringle
  • Page 346: Double Daring - The Card in the Matchbox by Frederick Shields & Bascom Jones
  • Page 347: The Trickeries of Bill Larsen - The Third Eye by William W. Larsen, Sr.
  • Page 348: Global Problem by Sir Felix Korim
  • Page 350: Orben on Everything by Robert Orben
  • Page 351: Towns' Teen Topics by Glen Town
  • Page 352: Paper and Ink by Dariel Fitzkee
  • Page 353: The Society of American Magicians by Ray Muse
  • Page 354: Without the Shuffle by Gene Gordon
  • Page 355: IBM - Herb Stonham, Canadian Conjuror by Bruce Postgate
  • Page 355: IBM - News from the Rings by Charles Rosskam
  • Page 356: Magicians' Guild of America, Inc. by Drake Smith
  • Page 357: Pacific Coast Association of Magicians by Bert Pratt
  • Page 358: Obituary
  • Page 359: Our Cover by Billy Larsen, Jr.
  • Page 359: Swami Salami by Hume & McAthy
  • Page 360: The National 1954 Convention by Robert Parrish