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Genii 1961 August

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Genii 1961 August
DateAugust 1961
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  • Page 488: Genii Speaks by Billy Larsen, Jr.
  • Page 490: Small Town Talk by Walt Rollins
  • Page 491: Gags, Gadgets & Gimmicks - Series 1 by Lloyd Jones
  • Page 492: Patter from Dell O'Dell by Billy Larsen, Jr.
  • Page 493: 48 Star Flag by Mariano Palhinha
  • Page 494: Sleeveless Stretching bvy Dick Zimmerman
  • Page 495: Poor Boy's Spirit Hand by North Bigbee
  • Page 496: Dual Silk Production by Glenn Gravatt
  • Page 497: Under your Nose by Roy Fromer
  • Page 497: Skunk Wringer Routine by Mariano Palhinha
  • Page 498: The L.W. Patter and Presentation for the Egg Bag by William Larsen, Sr. & T. Page Wright
  • Page 500: I.B.M. Convention 33rd Annual - 5 to 8 July, Atlantic City by Billy Larsen, Jr.
  • Page 505: P.C.A.M. Convention 26th Annual - Phoenix, Arizona by Billy Larsen, Jr.
  • Page 509: Real George in Boston by Arthur Leroy
  • Page 510: Tannen's Jubilee 2nd Annual - 16 to 18 July, New York by Billy Larsen, Jr.
  • Page 512: Bagdad by Billy Larsen, Jr.
  • Page 514: Tricks of the Trade by Ed Mishell
    • Dot's a Dandy by Ken Allen
    • Frame Fantastique by Ken Allen
    • Plexiglass Thumb Stocks by Ken Allen
    • Houdini Egg Escape by U.F. Grant
    • Magic Color Book by Tommy Windsor
    • Rope Sational by George Sands
    • Liquid by The Elders
    • Improved Einstein by Richard Himber
  • Page 516: Towns' Teen Topics by Glenn Towns
    • Cola Cup Passe by Glenn Towns
  • Page 517: Magicians in the News by Bob Nelson
  • Page 517: Hypnotic News by Arnold Furst
  • Page 518: Dave Price Writes from Egyptian Hall - Nashville, Tennessee by David Price
  • Page 520: Letters
    • Alfred Hancuff, Jr.
    • Herbert Pollan
  • Page 521: Chatter Across the Counter by Edward Dart