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Genii 1964 May

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Genii 1964 May
DateMay 1964
Cover SubjectJohn Giordmaine
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Genii May 1964, Volume 28, Number 9.

  • Page 319: Our Cover - John Giordmaine by Billy Larsen, Jr.
  • Page 322: The Mentalist - A "Good Man" (Poem) by W.D. Askren
  • Page 322: Magic-Limerick by Jack Lloyd
  • Page 322: Letters by Charles Goodman
  • Page 324: Genii Speaks by Billy Larsen, Jr.
  • Page 325: Card and Crystal Ball by Glenn Gravatt
  • Page 328: Himber's Touch & Go by Richard Himber
  • Page 333: Gems from the Loyd's Scrapbook - English Four Ace Trick by Loyd Enochs
  • Page 333: Cantu's Hat Penetration by Abraham Cantu
  • Page 334: Magic Notes by Delmini The Magician
  • Page 335: Mental Illusion Mind Reading by David Ray
  • Page 337: The Virgil World Tour, Part 03 - Hong Kong & Bangkok by Virgil (Virgil H. Mulkey)
  • Page 338: Kalanag - An Autobiography, Chapter 08 - Complete Privacy by Kalanag (Helmut Schreiber), translated by Irene Larsen
  • Page 339: Kalanag - An Autobiography, Chapter 09 - A Competitor in my Bookcase by Kalanag (Helmut Schreiber), translated by Irene Larsen
  • Page 340: Bagdad by Billy Larsen, Jr.

  • Page 342: Tricks of the Trade by Ed Mishell
    • Grant's Card Rise Houlette by U.F. Grant
    • Poof by Louis Tannen
    • Preview of Things to Come by Richard Himber
    • Reducto Cards by Stuart Scott
    • Magic Ring by Anonymous
    • The Elusive Spider by Kenny Woodward, Jr.
    • Mental Stamp by James Swoger
    • Pretzeil by Dr. William Belanger

  • Page 343: Light from the Lamp By Lloyd Jones
    • Magic in Your Pockets by Bill Severn
    • Griff on Cards By Tony Griffith
    • Publicity Tips for Amateurs and Professionals by Fred Woodress
    • 75 Tricks with a Svengali Deck by Alwyn Stevenson

  • Page 344: M.D.A. Forward March by Edward Dart
  • Page 345: 25 Years Ago in Genii by Geraldine Larsen
  • Page 346: Magicians' Guild of America, Inc. by Georia Kondos