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Genii 1978 May

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Genii Volume 42 — Number 5 — May, 1978

Cover: Eddie Fechter


  • Page 283: BILL FROM COASTER By Achim Haekel
  • Page 284: THREE CHIP DIVINATION By Glenn Gravatt
  • Page 285: BACK IT UP By Phil Goldstein
  • Page 286: QUINTUPLE COINCIDENCE By Glenn Gravatt
  • Page 287: TRICK PHOTOGRAPHY By Joe Ricciardi, Jr.
  • Page 288: LIE DECK TECTOR By Robert Farmer
  • Page 289: SILK SNAP By Pekka Gunst
  • Page 290: FREE PUBLICITY ESCAPE TRICK By Bret W. McCarron


  • Page 277: THE VERNON TOUCH By Dai Vernon
  • Page 278: EDDIE FECHTER Cover Story
  • Page 281: FECHTER'S FINGER FLINGERS By Jay Malbrough
  • Page 291: THE WORLD MAGIC SHOW A Report by Peter Pit
  • Page 305: THE HISTORY OF MAGIC IN AMERICA By Robert Olson


  • Page 276: GENII SPEAKS By Bill Larsen
  • Page 297: BAGDAD Compiled by Bill Larsen
  • Page 301: 25 YEARS AGO IN GENII By Gerrie Larsen Jaffe
  • Page 306: TRICKS OF THE TRADE By Ed Mishell
  • Brass Pail
  • Card on Ceiling
  • Double Load Crystal Dove Cylinder
  • Monkey Bar by Ed Mishell
  • Zig-zag Can by Carlton Bradford
  • Show Boat Pilot Wheel Paper Tear by Tommy Windsor
  • Royal in-n-outer Box
  • Strings of Sausage
  • Glitter Coins
  • Marvy Color Tricks
  • Flower to Dove
  • Card Mint by Hans E. Trixer
  • Hofzinser's Transparent Card
  • Joker's Delight by Bruce Cervon
  • Mandroop's Spot Laffs and Props Gags
  • Cups and Balls
  • Colorings
  • Coin Sleights
  • Magi Magoria
  • Page 308: LIGHT FROM THE LAMP By Lloyd E. Jones
  • Tommy Windsor's Pitch Act Book by tommy Windsor
  • The Magic Payoff by Tommy Windsor
  • Money Making Ideas for a Successful Show Plan by Tommy Windsor
  • Antique Jewels Series, N° 1
  • Secret Magic Words by Fetaque Sanders
  • The Circuited Sorcerer by John C. Sherwood
  • Right Under Their Noses by George P. Sanderson
  • The Magic of Ronal by Ron Alesi
  • Short Changed by Ralph Mayer
  • With Deck in Hand by Amado Narvaez
  • Count Cuts Moves and Subtlety by Jerry Mentzer
  • Howie Schwarzman's Lecture Notes by Howard Schwarzman
  • Notions (Lecture notes) by Phil Goldstein
  • The Billion Dollar Bait by Burling Hull
  • Bob Read's Transpo Tumbler
  • Innovation N° 2 by Bob Lynn
  • Top Hat Topics
  • Yogi-gram
  • Mantra N° 27


  • Gertrude Desfor
  • Olindo Galluccio