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Genii 1982 April

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Genii 1982 April
DateApril 1982
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  • Page 225: Genii Speaks by Billy Larsen, Jr.
  • Page 226: The Vernon Touch by Dai Vernon
  • Page 234: Magic Management Series #4 - Personal Project Planner by Michael Ammar
  • Page 241: Knights at the Magic Castle by Peter Pit
  • Page 242: Bagdad by Billy Larsen, Jr.
  • Page 243: 25 Years Ago in Genii by Geraldine Larsen (Jaffe)
  • Page 244: The Reel Works by Pete Biro
  • Page 246: The East Coast Danny Who??? by Dan Driscoll

Magic Section

  • Page 227: Cheeky Choice by Henrique (Alan Goodall)
  • Page 228: Osborne Illusions - Sawing a Woman in Half by Paul Osborne
  • Page 230: OICUFESP - E.S.P. 9 Plus 9 by Howard Adams
  • Page 231: The Erwin Cut and Restored Rope by Erwin Jones
  • Page 232: Dictionary Deceptions by Dr. Raymond Beebe
  • Page 236: Xerox Fantastic by Kas Kasnetsis
  • Page 237: Magicana - The Jellis Ring by Ron Bauer
  • Page 239: Magicana - Intermission by Charlie Miller
  • Page 244: The Reel Works - Cards Thru Newspaper "Plus" by Pete Biro


  • Page 222: Academy of Magical Arts 14th Annual Awards Banquet & Show by Billy Larsen, Jr.
  • Page 240: Egg in My Face Or, Mishaps of Magicians by Lloyd Jones
  • Page 247: Chicago by Frances Marshall (Ireland)
  • Page 248: Lines From Lawton by Don Lawton
  • Page 249: The Magic Caravan by Roberta Griffin
  • Page 250: The New Magic Media - Developing Your Magic With Home Video & Audio Equipment by Brian Flora
  • Page 251-252: Obituaries
    • Chrystal Dunninger by Robert Lund
    • Sir Harry Carson Pond by Robert Spencer
    • Raymond Toole Stoff by Adrian Smith
  • Page 252: More Memories of Abe Hurwitz by Donald Desfor
  • Page 253: The Magic Hands Fachkongress by Herbert Von Heldt

  • Page 256-257: Tricks of the Trade by Ed Mishell
    • Climax Chalk Paddle by Dusheck Steve, Jr.
    • Cantanlerous Coins by Steve Dusheck, Jr.
    • Crackers Jacks Caper by Ron Frost
    • Key Chain Connection by Ron Frost
    • Domino Principle by Ron Frost
    • Getting Down to More Business by Lex Zaleta
    • Dial Mental II by Anonymous
    • Psycho-Chips by Anonymous
    • Tenloc by Anonymous

  • Page 258-259: Light from the Lamp by Lloyd Jones