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Genii 1983 May

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Genii 1983 May
Cover SubjectFaucett Ross
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  • Page 303: Genii Speaks by Billy Larsen, Jr.
  • Page 304: The Vernon Touch by Dai Vernon
  • Page 305: Faucett W. Ross by Danny Dew
  • Page 306: Faucett W. Ross by H.J.
  • Page 307: What's Good For The Goose by Roger Klause
  • Page 308: Home is Where The Hat Is by John Carney
  • Page 309: Zzatso by Ross Bertram
  • Page 311: Osborne Illusions - Queen of The Silver Dollar by Paul Osborne
  • Page 313: OICUFESP - Ultra Austra by Hward A. Adams
  • Page 315: The Magic Hands Fachkongress by Herbert R. Von Heldt
  • Page 318: Magicana - Common Cents by Michael Weber
  • Page 319: Magicana - Intermission by Charlie Miller
  • Page 320: Getting Even by Bill Unger
  • Page 321: A Day Dedicated To Wonder and Delight by Robert D. Murphy
  • Page 323: It Ain't All Glamour! - Or I Finally Went to a Magic Convention by Carol Roy (a.k.a. Ms Electric!)
  • Page 325: The Reel Works by Pete Biro
  • Page 326: The East Coast Danny Who??? by Dan Driscoll
  • Page 328: Knights at the Magic Castle by Peter Pit
  • Page 329: Lines From Lawton by Don Lawton
  • Page 330: Chicago by Frances Marshall (Ireland)
  • Page 331: An Englishman's Point of View by Tony Griffith
  • Page 333: The Magic Caravan by Roberta Griffin
  • Page 335: 25 Years Ago in Genii by Geraldine Larsen (Jaffe)

  • Page 335-336: Tricks of the Trade by Ed Mishell
    • I'll Be Damned by Carl Herron
    • Coin Collection by Doug Bennett
    • The Seven Seals by Al Mann
    • The Knight's Gambit by Al Mann
    • Through a Wall Mistily by Al Mann
    • No Nesting Cups and Balls by Irving Weiner
    • Dabbling with Daub by Irving Weiner
    • The Elusive Three by Irving Weiner
    • Blocks of Blue by Irving Weiner
    • The Incredimental Books by Dick Stride
    • Aces Forever
    • Fantastic Elastics
    • A Cup of Tea
    • Close-up Ring Routine
    • The Silk Candle

  • Page 337: Has Magicdom Reached Maturity? by David Price
  • Page 341: Using Your Feet For Close-Up Work by Frank Fox
  • Page 342: How To Run a Close-up Conventionby Ron Zollweg