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*Tips & Bits by T.C. Tahoe
*Tips & Bits by T.C. Tahoe
*Light from the Lamp by Ian Jamy Swiss
*Light from the Lamp by Ian Jamy Swiss
**[[Ken Krenzel's Ingenuities]] by [[Stephen Minch]]
**[[Ingenuities|Ken Krenzel's Ingenuities]] by [[Stephen Minch]]
**[[A Candle in the Dark]] (reprint) by [[Thomas Ady]]
**[[A Candle in the Dark]] (reprint) by [[Thomas Ady]]
*Productivity by Danny Orleans
*Productivity by Danny Orleans

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Genii Volume 60, no. 06

  • Cover: An International Journey

  • Genii Speaks by Erika Larsen
  • Letters Department by Various
  • A Word From Our Publisher by Erika Larsen
  • Genii News by Erika Larsen
  • Academy of Magical Arts 29th Annual Awards by Tony Giorgio
  • A History of F.I.S.M. by Max Maven
  • Osborne Illusions: Ms Fixit by Paul Osborne
  • Cave of Wonders by Jay Scott Berry
    • The Master Thread by Joseph Campbell
  • In Other Words by Mayr
  • The (W)Hole (Money) in the Purse by Thomas Fraps
  • Call Weighting by Alex Elmsley & Phil Goldstein
  • Braintwister of the Month by Mel Stover
  • Beginner's Corner: Enthusiam and Restraint by Eugene Burger
  • From My Side of the Table #27: Special Occasions by Jim Sisti
  • Walk Talk by Kirk Charles
  • Tips & Bits by T.C. Tahoe
  • Light from the Lamp by Ian Jamy Swiss
  • Productivity by Danny Orleans
    • The Golden Penetration Frame
    • Long John Wand by Percy Abbott
    • Mystery Box by John Kennedy
    • The Book of Imagination by Anonymous
  • Videopinion by Jim Krenz
    • The Greater Magic Video Library, Vol. 54: Mind, Myth and Magic by T.A. Waters
    • Smoke and Mirrors, Vol. 2 by John Bannon
  • 25 & 50 Years Ago in Genii by Erika Larsen
  • Fulminations #60: Sartorial Splendor by Gary Ouellet