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Genii 1998 September

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Genii 1998 September
DateSeptember 1998
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(Genii subscribers only)
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  • Page 01: (Cover) Farewell (Final issue published by the Larsen family)

  • Page 08: (Editorial) Genii Speaks by Erika Larsen
  • Page 10: (Obituary) Geri Larsen Jaffre 1906-1998 by Milt Larsen
  • Page 14: (Mail) Letters
    • Peter Reveen
    • Shimada
    • Billy McComb
    • Mole Queen
  • Page 16: (Article) A Final Word from our Publisher by Irene Larsen
  • Page 17: (Article) Dante Speaks by Dante
  • Page 19: (Article) Genii - Act One by Milt Larsen
  • Page 23: (Article) Thoughts in Transition by Max Maven
  • Page 25: (Article) It Ain't All Glamour by Carol Roy (a.k.a. Ms Electric!)
  • Page 27: (Article) The Genii and Me by Peter Pit

  • Page 30: (Illusion) Osborne Illusions - Total Eclipse of the Heart by Paul Osborne
  • Page 32: (Card) I Do As You Do by Hideo Kato
  • Page 33: (Allied arts) Mel Stover's Braintwister of the Month by Mel Stover
  • Page 34: (Miscellaneous prop) A Strange Development by Kenichi Kuroki
  • Page 37: (Mentalism) The Thing of Shapes To Come by Phil Goldstein
  • Page 41: (Article) Beginner's Corner - Looking Back, Looking Ahead by Eugene Burger

  • Page 42: (Review) Light from the Lamp by Jamy Ian Swiss
    • The Magic Business by Michael Bailery
    • The Cruise Magician's Handbook by Fred Becker
    • Making Contact : The Real Secrets of Contact Mindreading by Satori
    • The Magician's Yearbook 1998 by Anthony Owen
    • Manacles of the World by T.L. Gross
    • The Milbourne Christopher Library, Vol. 2 by Maurine Christopher
  • Page 47: (Review) Productivity by Danny Orleans
    • Vision in Black by Ted Karmelovich
    • Dave's 16 Digit Deception by David Landry
    • Birthday Banner by Danny Archer

  • Page 50: (Article) Fulminations #67 by Gary Ouellet
    • Ask Not what Magic Can Do for You
    • Performing Magic on Television - Part 1-2-3-4