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Genii 1999 April

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Genii 1999 April
DateApril 1999
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  • Page 08: Genii Speaks Open Letter from Frances Willard & Response (Editorial) by Richard Kaufman
  • Page 09: A Little Bit More Respect (Article) by Wittus Witt
  • Page 12/13/14: Messages
    • I Was Dumbfounded... (Mail) by Dave Shepherd
    • The Good News... (Mail) by Jim Mullen
    • In the January Issue... (Mail) by Gino Iam Irish Packard
    • I Have Been... (Mail) by David Alexander
    • In the February... (Mail) by Gary Brown
    • I'm Glad That... (Mail) by Mike Duseberg
    • Congratulations On... (Mail) by John Lovick
    • It Isn't Hard... (Mail) by Jim Sullivan
    • Congratulations On... (Mail) by Leonard Hevia
  • Page 15: Knights of the Magic Castle (Article) by Jules Lenier


  • Page 21: Mr. Mysto, The Man, The Myth (Interview) by Richard Kaufman
  • Page 25: A Rare Excerpt from the Only Remaining Copy of Mr. Mysto Magazine (Article) by Mysto
  • Page 26: Clipping on Mysto (Article) by Various
  • Page 28: Excerpts from Mysto's Big Book of E-Z Magic (Article) by Mysto
  • Page 32: A Rich Cabinet of Magical Curiosities - #2: Conjuring for Churchill (Article) by Edwin A. Dawes

Magicana By Richard Kaufman

  • Page 38: You Think ... it's Gone by Tony Binarelli (Cards)
  • Page 40: Double-Duty Spellbound by Remo Pannain (Coins)
  • Page 41: Luck Beats Skill (Cards) by Karl Fulves
  • Page 42: The Apprentice Matchmaker (Cards) by Roy Walton
  • Page 44: The Jennings Tapes Devious Open Prediction by Larry Jennings (Cards)
  • Page 45: Call to the World (Cards) by Hideo Kato
  • Page 46: Divin-ace-tion (Mentalism) by Phil Goldstein
  • Page 47: Our Magical Art - Being "Me" (Article) by Eugene Burger

Light from the Lamp

  • Trick Review by Danny Orleans
    • Page 57: Insight by Keith Fields
    • Page 59: Sympathetic 13 by Derek Dingle
    • Page 59: Side Effect by Guy Bavll

  • Video Review By Gordon Bean
    • Page 61: Vernon Revelations (9 tapes) (L&L Publishing)
    • Page 63: Daryl's Ambitious Card Video (L&L Publishing)