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Genii 1999 December

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Genii 1999 December
DateDecember 1999
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  • Page 08: (Editorial) Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman
  • Page 10: Messages
    • David Acer
    • Dave Reddall
    • Guy Hollingworth
    • Jim Creighton
    • Card Mondor
    • Richard K. Griffith
  • Page 11: (Article) Knights at the Magic Castle by Jules Lenier


  • Page 17: (Article) The Dime Museum Murder by Daniel Stashower
  • Page 28: (Interview) Dereck Hughes by Mark Phillips
  • Page 34: (Article) Fly Me in the Moon - Maurice Fogel by Nadine Woodward
  • Page 38: (Article) Thurston - Asia by Michael Edwards
  • Page 43: (Index) Index to Volume 62 by Frances Green
  • Page 48: (Article) A Rich Cabinet of Magical Curiosities #10 - J.N. Maskelyne and the Message from Mars by Edwin A. Dawes


  • Page 52: (Coin) Submarine Coins by Dr. Hiroshi Sawa
  • Page 54: (Table) The Great Francisco's Floating Table by Arthur F. Bull
  • Page 56: (Card) Patent Portent by J.K. Hartman
  • Page 58: (Card) Heavyweight by Peter Duffie
  • Page 59: (Article) Our Magical Art, A New Year? by Eugene Burger
  • Page 60: (Card) Straddle Grip Getready by Dai Vernon


  • TRICKS REVIEW by Danny Orleans
    • Page 73: Killer Red Caps by Roger Monaco
    • Page 74: Vernon Spinning Coin with the Spirit Cut by Dennis Mark
    • Page 74: Inferno (Creative Enterprise)

  • VIDEOS REVIEW by Gordon Bean
    • Page 75: Tales from the Planet of Bloom, Vol 1-3 by Gaetan Bloom