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Genii 1999 January

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Genii 1999 January
DateJanuary 1999
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  • Page 06: Genii Speaks Where We've Been and Where We're Going (Editorial) by Richard Kaufman
  • Page 07: Michael Skinner and the Death of the Art (Obituaries) by Richard Kaufman
  • Page 08: Messages
    • What If A Deck... (Mail) by Bob Neale
    • The Rumors Were Flying... (Mail) by Bev Bergeron
    • I Know That... (Mail) by Matthew Field
    • Decisions, Decisions... (Mail) by Steve Bryant
  • Page 10: Bagdad by Richard Kaufman
    • Hooray ! Tasteful Magic Greeting Cards Now Available (News)
    • Bond Kills by Card Tricks, Sands of the Desert (News)
    • Interactions and Influences (News)
  • Page 13: A Report from the World Alliance of Magicians (Article) by W.A.M.
  • Page 20: Mr Burger Takes to the Stage (Article) by Max Maven
  • Page 24-27 Accidental Collector (Article) By Richard Kaufman
    • The Clock without a Cuckoo
    • The Expanding Die, the Appearing Vase
    • Arnold de Biere's Billiard Ball Production Fake
    • Maskelyne's Escape Trunk
    • The Appearing Model Car, Mandarin Automaton
    • The Chung Ling Soo Posters, Devil on Staircase Automaton
    • Devil Bust, Small Wood-Turned & Metal Pieces
    • Joke Set of Matchboxes, One Shelf in the Collection
  • Page 64: Strange Tricks of Yesteryear: Sid Lorraine's Moon Rock (Article) by Richard Kaufman

Magicana By Richard Kaufman

  • Page 36: Dracula and the Handmaidens by Brother John Hamman (Cards)
  • Page 39: The Jennings Tapes: MacJennings Aces by Larry Jennings (Cards)
  • Page 42: The Unseen Side of Dai Vernon: Sub Rosa Crimp (Cards)
  • Page 43: Hawaiian Pop-up move By Curtis Kam (Coins)
  • Page 43: Looking Back to Look Ahead: From a House of Cards (Genii, Vol. 1, No. 2, Oct 1936) (Cards) by Judson Brown & Charlie Miller
  • Page 45: The Maximum Dimension (Mentalism) by Max Maven

Light from the Lamp

  • Page 59-60: Trick Review By Danny Orleans
    • The Color Blind Deck by Gordon Bean
    • Thanks to Zarrow by Jerry Sadowitz
    • The Golden Shells by Whit Haydn & Chef Anton