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Genii 1999 July

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Genii 1999 July
DateJuly 1999
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  • Page 08: (Editorial) Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman
  • Page 09: (Obituary) Terri Rogers by Patrick Page
  • Page 12: (Mail) Messages by Various
  • Page 16: (News) Bagdad by Richard Kaufman
    • Sphinx Magic Set
    • Spirit of Saratosa
    • Merlin Awards
  • Page 17: (News) Knights at the Magic Castle by Jules Lenier


  • Page 20: (Article) Watch Your Wallets and Hold on to Your Watches ! - Ricki Dunn A Remembrance by David Avadon
  • Page 26: (Allied Art) A Pseudo Tie Steal Pickpocket by Ricky Dunn
  • Page 27: (Article) Excerpt from Ricki's Unpublished Book on Pickpocket Work by Al Meyers
  • Page 28: (Card) Card to Wallet Plus by Ricky Dunn
  • Page 32: (Article) The First Magic Circle Heritage Weekend by Jim Alfredson
  • Page 33: (Article) Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic 1999 by Mike Powers
  • Page 34: (Article) East Coast Magic Spectacular XI by Beth C. Sheligo
  • Page 38: (Article) A Rich Cabinet of Magical Curiosities #05 - Shine on Harvest Moon by Edwin A. Dawes.


  • Page 44: Scottish Fly (Coin) by R. Paul Wilson
  • Page 48: Finleyson's Frolic (Card) by Roy Walton
  • Page 49: The Partagas Spell (Card) by Phil Goldstein
  • Page 49: Craftmaster (Card) by Peter Duffie
  • Page 50: (Article) Sheridan Speaks! by Jeff Sheridan
  • Page 51: An Original Interlocked Card Production by Jeff Sheridan
  • Page 52: (Miscellaneous prop) The WebbMaster: Bill in Lemon for Standup Manipulators by Gregg Webb

Light from the Lamp

  • Page 62: TRICKS by Danny Orleans
    • Chicken A La Card by Gerry Frenette
    • Vanishing Pen or Vanishing Cigarette by Steve Draun
    • The Animated Deck by Tim Spinosa