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Genii 1999 March

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Genii March 1999 - Vol. 62, No. 3

Cover subject: Genii goes to London

  • Genii Speaks (Editorial) by Richard Kaufman 8
  • Knights at the Magic Castle (Article) by Jules Lenier 9
  • Messages
    • About Five Years Ago... (Mail) by Ken Meaux 12
    • The Larry Jennings Routine... (Mail) by Greg Webb 12
    • The Year Is 1934... (Mail) by Richard Buffum 12
    • It Is With... (Mail) by George U. Lyon 12
    • I Was Impressed... (Mail) by Dereck Lavertu 12
    • Congratulations On... (Mail) by David Ben 12
    • Excellent First Effort... (Mail) by David Callahan 12
  • Ricki Dunn 1929-1999 (Obituaries) by John M. Thompson 13
  • The London Magic Scene (Article) by Edwin A. Dawes 16
  • The Bashful Ghost Alex Elmsley (Cards) by John Derris 16
  • The Long-Handled Spoon (Miscellaneous Props) by Bob Read 17
  • Double Vision Shiv Duggal (Cards) by Richard Kaufman 19
  • Davenport's Magic Shop An Underground Experience (Article) by Richard Kaufman 20
  • Floating Card Case Angelo Carbone (Cards) by Richard Kaufman 22
  • Hung Up Alan Alan (Coins) by Richard Kaufman 24
  • ITHEC (In The Hands Elmsley Count) Paul Gordon (Cards) by Richard Kaufman 25
  • Wax Works Magic at Madame Tussaud's (Article) by Richard Kaufman 25
  • Ron's Day The International Magic Convention (Article) by Richard Kaufman 27
  • The Pa Pa System (Cards) by Patrick Page 27
  • Hockley's Rice John Derris (Coins) by Richard Kaufman 30
  • A Few Words with ... Anthony Owen (Article) by Richard Kaufman 31
  • An English Tea Jack Avis (Cards) by Richard Kaufman 32
  • Antiquarian Books David Drummond at Pleasures of Past Times (Article) by Richard Kaufman 34
  • Coupon to Currency Peter Kane (Miscellaneous Props) by Richard Kaufman 35
  • The Magic Circle: The Centre for the Magic Arts (Article) by Richard Kaufman 36
  • A Few Words with ... Chris Power and JJ (Article) by Richard Kaufman 39
  • Twin Turn Pass Guy Hollingworth (Cards) by Richard Kaufman 40
  • The First Magic Circle Heritage Weekend (Article) by Richard Kaufman 42
  • A Rich Cabinet of Magical Curiosities 1: A Dream of Wealth (Article) by Edwin A. Dawes 46
  • Light from the lamp - Book review by Jamy Ian Swiss
    • The Mysteries of My Life by Richard Kaufman & Rene Levand 52
    • The Now you See It, Now You Don't! Notebook by Bill Tarr 54
    • Be a Street Magician (A HowTo Guide) by David Groves 55
  • Light from the lamp - Trick Review by Danny Orleans
    • McFarland and Banachek's Book Test 56
    • Masuda's Print-O-Matic 58
    • Trevor Lewis' Flashlight Fun 58
  • Light from the lamp - Video review by Gordon Bean