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Genii 1999 May

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Genii 1999 May
DateMay 1999
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  • Page 18: Lance Burton... On TV, interview by Richard Kaufman
  • Page 28: World Magic Seminar Photo Gallery
  • Page 30: The Winter Carnival of Magic, 25th Anniversary by Bill Tadlock
  • Page 31: Wonder Workshop in the Castle by Gordon Bill
  • Page 34: A Rich Cabinet of Magical Curiosities #03 - The Great Mirror of Folly by Edwin Dawes


  • Page 38: The Dutch Ghost by Anon & Jack Avis
  • Page 40: Hakushi to Senyen: White Paper to 1,000 Yen by Toshio Akanuma
  • Page 43: Deep BackClip and Transfer by Dai Vernon
  • Page 45: The Cut and Restored Fan by Jeff Sheridan
  • Page 47: Ouch! by Roy Walton

Light from the Lamp

  • Tricks by Danny Orleans
    • Page 56: Can O'Corn by Rich Bloch
    • Page 57: Murphy's Chest

  • Videos by Gordon Bean
    • Page 58: The Comedy Magic of Rich Marotta, Vol. 1, 2, 3
    • Page 60: Powerful Impromptu Card Magic by Paul Gordon