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Genii 1999 October

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Genii 1999 October
DateOctober 1999
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  • Genii Speaks (Editorial) by Richard Kaufman 10
  • Knights at the Magic Castle (News) by Jules Lenier 13
  • Messages I'm Impressed with ... (Mail) by Bobby Block 16
  • Messages Thank You So Much... (Mail) by Randy Gastreich 16
  • Messages You Really Did It... (Mail) by Geoffrey Hansen 16
  • Messages Just What We Needed... (Mail) by Maurine Christopher 16
  • Messages Thanks To Genii... (Mail) by Earl Ray Wilcox 16
  • Messages I Have Been... (Mail) by John C. Mounier 16
  • Messages Steve Bryant's Two... (Mail) by Patrick Wattson 16
  • Messages I'm Writting... (Mail) by Leo McCauley 17
  • Messages A Friend Recently... (Mail) by Patrick J. Cordier 17
  • Messages The Following Is... (Mail) by John H. (Jack) Zenger 17


  • George Saterial Hits his Stide and Does What No One Has Done Before: Interview by Richard Kaufman 20
  • Jasper Turns 80! (Article) by Richard Kaufman 26
  • Vintage Spirits (Show review) by Steve Bryant 34
  • Son of Sam (Article) by Steve Bryant 37
  • Mystery School 1999: The Final Mystery (Article) by David Parr 38
  • One Unexpected Training Ground (Article) by Roberta "Bobbie" Kehler 39
  • Abbott's 62nd Get-Together (Article) by Paul Critelli & Photographs by David Odette 40
  • A Rich Cabinet of Magical Curiosities #8  : Leslie Lambert: The Enigma. Part 1. The Magician Who Disappeared (Article) by Edwin A. Dawes 44

Magicana By Richard Kaufman

  • Bespectacle (Miscellaneous Props) by David Acer 50
  • The Ripple by Tom Allen (Cards) by Richard Kaufman 51
  • Ripple Plus by Lee Asher (Cards) by Richard Kaufman 52
  • Clocker Shocker (Cards) by Jon Racherbaumer 53
  • Our Magical Art Five Secrets (Article) by Eugene Burger 55
  • From My Thoughts (Article) by Barrie Richardson 56
  • Minds in Unison 2000 (Mentalism) by Barrie Richardson 58

Light from the Lamp

  • Trick Review By Danny Orleans
    • Graphic Film Kit (Mandle Magic Mfg.) 69
    • Jarle Leirpoll's Card in the Mousetrap 70
    • SLUR-P by Brian Keith 71

  • Video Review By Gordon Bean
    • Schulien's: The Last Night by Al James 72
    • Palms of Steel 1 by Curtis Kam 72
    • The Reparation by John Lovick 73