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Genii 2001 August

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Genii 2001 August
DateAugust 2001
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  • Page 10: Genii Speaks (Editorial) by Richard Kaufman
  • Page 14: Inside Magic..... Magazines Our Monthly Roundup of Magic Periodicals (Article) by Richard Kaufman
  • Page 18: Osborne Illusions: So That's How It Works! (Illusions) by Paul Osborne
  • Page 22: An Interview Earl Nelson (Article) by Shaena Engle & Richard Kaufman
  • Page 24: Smooth as Silk Assembly (Cards) by Earl Nelson
  • Page 28: Jumping Jacks Redux (Cards) by Earl Nelson
  • Page 38: Michael Frederick Rogers (Obituary) by Jon Racherbaumer
  • Page 44: A Rich Cabinet of Magical Curiosities #26: Mr Joseph Jacobs and Mr I. K. Brunel (Article) by Edwin A. Dawes
  • Page 48: Too-Perfect Theory: Thirty Years Later (Article) by Jon Racherbaumer
  • Page 49: Too-Perfect Theory Reprinted from January 1971 (Article) by Rick Johnsson
  • Page 52: Doppelganger (Cards) by Jon Racherbaumer
  • Page 57: Too-perfect Theory in Action (Article) by Jamy Ian Swiss
  • Page 59: The flaw in the Diamond Too-Perfect Theory (Article) by John Carney
  • Page 64: Striving for Perfection Too-Perfect Theory (Article) by Darwin Ortiz
  • Page 67: Find a Better Method Too-Perfect Theory (Article) by Martin Lewis
  • Page 67: Assenting to the Inexplicable Too-Perfect Theory (Article) by Patrick Watson
  • Page 68: It's Your Call: On the Too-Perfect Theory (Article) by Harry Lorayne
  • Page 70: Postscript Too-Perfect Theory (Article) by Simon Aronson
  • Page 72: Our Magical art The Last Words (Article) by Eugene Burger
  • Page 73: Pediatrix: Justifying the Presence of "Questionable" Props (Article) by Danny Orleans

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