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Genii 2001 January

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Genii 2001 January
DateJanuary 2001
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  • Cover: The Genii's Lamp

  • Page 08: Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman
  • Page 14: Messages by Various
  • Page 15: Knights at the Magic Castle by Jules Lenier
  • Page 16: A Warlock Goes to Salem - NEMCA Yankee Gathering VIII, Nov 8-11, 2000 by Elizabeth Warlock
  • Page 20: Letting Loose the Light by Jon Racherbaumer

  • Millennium Reflections
    • Performance and the New Media by John Fisher
    • Close-up Magic in Good Hands by Obie O'Brien
    • The Impact of Technology on Historical Research. The Auction Explosion by Edwin Dawes
    • The Second Golden Era of Magic by Ray Goulet
    • Poem - A Millennium Night's Dream by Steve Bryant
    • The Future of Magic on Television by Charles Reynolds
  • Page 36: Standing on the Edge: An Art Form at the Millennium? by D.A. Peck
    • Impact on Illusion Apparatus and Design by John Gaughan
    • The Future of Magic Shops by Jay Marshall
  • Page 42: Looking into the Future - Interview : Max's Thoughts about the Field of Magic at the Turn of the Millennium by Richard Kaufman
  • Page 48: A Millennium of Magic Literature by Jamy Ian Swiss
    • Our Future is in Our Past by Rev. Robert Olson
    • Stage and Platform by Chris Pratt
    • The Magic Circle by Michael Bailey
    • Demise of the Stage: The Close-up Boom by William Rauscher.
    • Las Vegas, Collecting, and Milbourne Christopher's New Book by Maurine Christopher
  • Page 62: Ten Best Illusions of the 20th Century by Jim Steinmeyer
  • Page 66-70: 150 Years of Tricks to Buy by Danny Orleans
    • Black Holes: Top 10 Gimmicks
    • Shooting Stars: Top 10 Magic Trick Pitch Items
    • The Marketing Stars (Marketed Tricks and Routines)
    • Millennium Reflections by Mike Caveney
    • Afterthoughts and Honorable Mentions
  • Page 72: 2001 : A Tape Odyssey Ten Best Videotapes of the Last 1000 Years by Matthew Field
    • A Mixed Bag: The Good and the Bad by Joe Stevens

  • Page 78-85: Magicana
    • B'Wave Be Wonderful: Or, How to Routine a Packet Trick By Just Alan
    • The Card Expert : Finale for The Collectors By James Swain
    • The Schneider Technique : Serpent String (A String that Unties Itself) By Al Schneider
    • The WebbMaster : A Second Beginning to a Ball Act - Billiard Balls No. 7 By Gregg Webb
    • Southern Key Tap By Roy Walton
  • Page 86-87: Intermission
    • Rants and Riffs : Stagnation and Boredom by Steven Schneiderman
    • The Giorgio Letters : The Advantage Players by Tony Giorgio