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Genii 2002 November

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Genii November 2002 - Vol. 65, No. 11

Cover subject: Christian Fechner: A Passion for Illusion

  • Genii Speaks (Editorial) by Richard Kaufman 10
  • Flibbertygibberty (Article) by Jon Racherbaumer 12
  • Dice: Deception Fate & Rotten Luck Ricky Jay (Book review) by Jon Racherbaumer 13
  • Messages (Mail) by Various 18
  • The Art of Chapeaugraphy: No 2 (Article) by James Hodges 23
  • The Genii Session: Simplification (Article) by Roberto Giobbi 24
  • Speaking Volumes (Article) by David Regal 25
  • Passion for Illusion: Christian Fechner (Article) by Richard Kaufman 34
  • Sioree Fantastiques (Article) by Richard Kaufman 36
  • Robert-Houdin: Conjurer of the Salons (Article) by Christian Fechner 40
  • The Coin Mysteries of Dr. Sawa (Article) by Richard Kaufman 48
  • Marvelous Coin to Ring (Coins) by Hiroshi Sawa (Dr.) 48
  • Mother and Daughter (Coins) by Hiroshi Sawa (Dr.) 49
  • The Sleeve Shootout (Coins) by Hiroshi Sawa (Dr.) 50
  • Remote Control Coins Through Table (Coins) by Hiroshi Sawa (Dr.) 52
  • Why a Big Purse? (Coins) by Hiroshi Sawa (Dr.) 54
  • Tenyo 2003 (Article) by Richard Kaufman 60
  • Soul of the Butterflies (Miscellaneous Props) by Hiroshi Sawa (Dr.) 61
  • Fantasma-gorical (Article) by Matthew Field 66
  • A Rich Cabinet of Magical Curiosities 40  : The Engravings of William Hogarth (Article) by Edwin A. Dawes 74
  • The Schneider Technique: Ego Magic (Article) by Al Schneider 80
  • Traveling Tales: Klatu Verada Nicto (Article) by Bill Goldman 81
  • Light from the Lamp
    • Stanley Collins: Conjurer, Collector and Iconoclast by Edwin A. Dawes (Book review) by Jamy Ian Swiss 84
    • Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes by Gerald P Cestkowski (Book review) by Jamy Ian Swiss 86
    • Sexy Magic by James Hodges (Book review) by Jamy Ian Swiss 88
    • Bill Malone: On the Loose by Bill Malone (Video review) by Matthew Field 89
    • Classic Magic: Thoughts on Cards by Larry Jennings (Video review) by Matthew Field 90
    • Close-Up Miracles by Martin Lewis (Video review) by Matthew Field 92
    • The Chain Gang by Marc DeSouza (Video review) by Matthew Field 93
    • Denny & Lee Performance Video by Denny Haney (Video review) by Matthew Field 93
    • The Bammo Card Walloper by Bob Farmer & Gerald Kirchner (Trick Review) by Danny Orleans 94
    • Side-Swiped by Simon Aronson (Trick Review) by Danny Orleans 94
    • Double Back by Jon Allen (Trick Review) by Danny Orleans 95