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Subscription information/Advertiser's Index
Subscription information/Advertiser's Index
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Genii, Volume 74, #2 Cover: Thurston the Great: Magician - Wonder Show of the Universe



Light from the Lamp

  • Tricks Reviewed by David Regal
    • Double Back by Jon Allen
    • Flexion by Jon Allen
    • Psypher by Robert Smith
    • Impossible Envelope by Paul Stockman
    • Fasten by J.P. Vallarino
    • Signed Card Thru Window by J.P. Vallarino
    • Nothing in Transit by Dave Forrest
    • Sub Zero by Spidey & Amir Latif
    • Flight Case by Peter Eggink
    • Kyoto Deck by Yuji Murakami
    • Gion Deck by Yuji Murakami
    • Phantasm by Jamie Daws
    • The Key by Andrew Mayne
    • Trick Photography by Steve Gore
    • Biokinesis by Berk Eratay
    • Kartis Visible Bill Change by Kartis
  • Videos Reviewed by Joe M. Turner
    • Opening Minds by Colin McLeod
    • Magic at the Bar and Chris Randall Live at The Magic Castle by Chris Randall
    • Animate Me by Losander
    • World XCM Champions, Vol. 1(2-DVD set) by Max Vlassenko, J.S. Lin, Jerry Cestkowski
  • Books Reviewed by David Britland

Subscription information/Advertiser's Index