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Genii 2012 November December

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Genii 2012 November December
DateDecember 2012
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  • Special 75th Anniversary Double Issue.


  • Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman
  • On the Slant by Jon Racherbaumer
  • In Memoriam: Alan Shaxon by Matthew Field

A selection of Magic from Genii’s first 75 Years

  • A Novelty Spelling Mystery By Larsen and Wright (April 1940)
  • The Affable Aces by Dr. Jacob Daley (August 1941)
  • The Eight in the Side Pocket by Dai Vernon (March 1941)
  • The Trick of the Vanishing Aces … by Ponsin (November 1941)
  • Cole’s Rabbit Production From Hat (November 1942)
  • Boy to Rabbit by Fetaque Sanders (December 1943)
  • The L.W. Mysteries for Children: Little Jimmie and the Christmas Stocking by William Larsen and T. Page Wright (December 1945)
  • A Coin and Silk Routine by Howard Warringer (December 1945)
  • The Colored Sands by Milton Page Larsen (May 1945)
  • Magician’s Magician by Cyril Enfield (April 1946)
  • Brady White’s Automatic Second Deal (February 1946)
  • The Magic Sculptor by Theo Dore (December 1949)
  • Ball, Cone, and Hanky by Dai Vernon (July 1947)
  • Rope of Quong Hi by Alan Wakeling (September 1947)
  • The Miser’s Dream by Harry Louine (March 1950)
  • New Cut and Restored Bandage by Silent Mora (July 1950)
  • The Cup and The Ball by William W. Larsen (July 1951)
  • The Enchanted Tumbler by Marvyn Roy (September 1950)
  • “Another” Touch by Stanley S. Jaks (January 1952)
  • Variation of Larry Becker’s Knot Effect by Tan Hock Chuan (May 1953)
  • Puncture Proof by Bob Evison (August 1953)
  • Rabbit in Hat Cut-Out by Keith Lingley (September 1954)
  • Improved Handkerchief Penetration by Charles Miller (April 1957)
  • A Dai Vernon Sleight by Dai Vernon (March 1957)
  • Spike Through Balloon by Richard Himber (September 1958)
  • Trancendia by Steranko (January 1961)
  • The Twist by Steranko (March 1961)
  • Gonesville by Steranko (April 1961)
  • Checkerino by Steranko (June 1961)
  • Steranko Cuts the Pack by Steranko (December 1961)
  • The Touch by Steranko (January 1962)
  • The Ambitious Card in Reverse by Jerry Andrus (January 1962)
  • Devil’s Express by Tom Palmer (February 1962)
  • Benzais’ Silk and Rope Routine by John Benzais (August 1962)
  • Martineau’s Six Drink Cocktail Shaker! By Francis Martineau (April 1964)
  • Touch and Go by Richard Himber (May 1964)
  • Charlie Miller’s Think Card Trick (November 1964)
  • The Kaleidoscopic Card by Bill Woodfield (November 1964)
  • Kord-o-Staski by Mickey O’Malley and Frank Garcia (April 1965)
  • An Unprecedented Effect by Richard Himber (January 1966)
  • Floating Candle by Mickey O’Malley (October 1966)
  • A Trick with No Title by David Alexander (December 1966)
  • Mickey’s Tri-Cut by Mickey O’Malley (October 1966)
  • An Unbelievable Restoration of a Gentleman’s Cut Necktie by Charlie Miller (July 1967)
  • The Great Debatable Rope Mystery by Charlie Miller (January 1968)
  • Bro. John Hamman’s Fabulous Expanding Card by Charlie Miller (April 1968)
  • The Transfixed Card by Michael Skinner (January 1969)
  • Coin Vanish by Howard Schwarzman (March 1968)
  • Tokkuri and Rope by Yasunaga (aka Tenkai) Matsuura (September 1969)
  • Moving Hole by Masao Atsukawa (September 1969)
  • The Bewildering Ball Vase by Mike Skinner (December 1969)
  • Smashing a Watch Then Finding it in a Roll by Charlie Miller (March 1970)
  • Rouge Et Noir by Michael Skinner (February 1971)
  • The Joe Cossari Original Inter-Lock Production (March 1971)
  • A Novel Card Discovery by Mathew Corin (May 1972)
  • A Perfect Coin Vanish by Steve Freeman (February 1974)
  • Thru by Ray Grismer (August 1975)
  • Reverse Red Snapper Move by Ed Marlo (February 1976)
  • Door Production Illusion by Chuck Jones (September 1976)
  • Vanishing Wands by Mickey O’Malley (June 1978)
  • Quarterly Report by Phil Goldstein (May 1979)
  • Myst-Erase Glass by Andre Kole (November 1979)
  • Erase the Ace by Paul Harris (September 1985)
  • Sneaky Sneaker by Kenichi Kuroki (February 1989)
  • You Think … It’s Gone by Tony Binarelli (July 1999)
  • An Original Interlocked Card Production by Jeff Sheridan (July 1999)
  • Stigmata by Tony Andruzzi (October 2000)
  • Zig-Zag Finger by Angelo Carbone (September 2000)
  • The Anti-Faro by Christian Engblom (May 2001)
  • A Magical Joke by Roy Walton (May 2001)