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Genii 2014 April

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Genii 2014 April
DateApril 2014
Cover SubjectPaul Daniels
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68 Paul Daniels: Bravura by David Britland

50 Derek Hughes: Up All Night by Rob Zabrecky

56 Women Street Performers by Felice Ling

64 Coney Island: Keeping the Dream Alive by Carl Mercurio


10 Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman

12 On the Slant by Jon Racherbaumer

14 Now Performing

15 In Memoriam: Aldo Colombini by Joe M. Turner

17 Lost Horizons ESPecious by Max Maven

18 The Chamber of Secrets Klingl Die to Canary by John Gaughan

24 Cardopolis Computer Revelation by David Britland

32 Conjuring 'Elementary!' by Jim Steinmeyer

36 Eugene's Notebook Reset by Eugene Burger

40 DaOrtiz a la Carte! Production on Request by Dani DaOrtiz

44 The Academy of Magical Arts in Genii

44 Knights at the Magic Castle by Daniel Ulin

46 Magic Castle Performance Schedule


86 Tricks Reviewed by David Regal

86 Vapr by Will Tsai

86 Complete Peek Wallet by Tony Miller

86 The Wowlett! From a concept by Luke Dancy

87 Heinstein's Dream by Karl Hein

87 52 Shades of Red by Shin Lim

87 M-Case by Mickael Chatelain

88 Simplex Monte by Rob Bromley

88 Frame by Alexis De La Fuente

88 Prospect by SansMinds

88 Evaporation by Louie Foxx

89 SansMinds Sharpie by SansMinds

89 Radioactive by Drusko and Titanas

89 Magic Potato Chip Can by Imagin-If!

90 Videos Reviewed by Joe M. Turner

90 Ridiculous (4-DVD set) by David Williamson

91 Odyssey (2-DVD set) by Lloyd Barnes

91 El Gran Simulador (The Great Pretender) by René Lavand

92 REL Change by Michael Brewer

92 Hungry? by Mathieu Bich

92 My Precious by Brett Bishop

92 Books Reviewed by Will Houstoun

92 The Magic of Celebrating Illusion by Robert E. Neale

93 Eye Wonder: The Amazing Paradoxical and Magical Illusionary Worlds of Jerry Andrus by Al Seckel

94 Captivity, Slavery and Survival as a Far East POW: The Conjurer on the Kwai by Peter Fyans

94 The Manual of Darkness by Enrique de Hériz