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MagicPedia: Start Contributing

MagicPedia is a wiki-style online encyclopedia dedicated to the techniques and history of magic. MagicPedia is the definitive Internet repository of magical techniques for all areas of the magical arts and also a way to document the history of magic.

MagicPedia is not a place to post explanations of magic tricks (though performances of sleights and tricks are welcome via embedded video clips), but a living document, always in flux, that reflects the background knowledge required for a thorough study of the art of magic in all its facets.

MagicPedia is owned and operated by Genii, The Conjurors' Magazine .

This is a real-time wiki and the information here will undergo revisions on the honor system. Articles and facts may be locked or changed by the moderators and administrators of MagicPedia at any time and without warning. The moderators and administrators have ultimate authority over all material which appears on MagicPedia.


SIGN-UP AND LOGIN: Before you can participate in MagicPedia, you must sign up and then login. After you sign up, you'll receive an e-mail enabling you to activate your account. Follow the instructions. Signing up is free and open to all.

SEARCH: Enter any term or name you're looking for in the Search box. If there is no prior entry, MagicPedia will inform you of this and you can be the first to create one.

EDIT: MagicPedia exists as the direct product of your online contributions. You create the content. If you want to add or change an entry, go to the page on that subject, click Edit in the menu on the left, and you will be able to make changes.

CREATE: Starting a new article

Please note that malicious entries will be returned to their original form and the offending member will be instantly deleted.

FORMAT: As MagicPedia grows, it should maintain a clean and encyclopedic format. Entries should be written in a neutral voice. Image and text display are meant to appear friendly and uniform. All the information you need to make clean pages is in MagicPedia's Help Section.

CITATIONS: When writing lengthy entries, unless every word is original with you, you must note where you are quoting sources, and you must provide citations for the sources of your information (whether copyrighted or anecdotal). If you are editing an entry written by someone else, and that person has posted historical material without citing sources, you may add a notation to that effect so that other readers understand that additional information is required. See: for how to add citations to pages.

TALK AND DISCUSS: A built-in feature oF Magicpedia allows users to Talk. You can have a discussion with fellow users about every topic on MagicPedia.


If you want to editing wiki pages, use the Wiki sandbox or your personal page.

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