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BornJosé Rotstain Helfman
Lima Peru
Lima Peru

'Giorhini' (1968-2014) José Rotstain Helfman


José Rotstain Helfman born in San Isidro, Lima, on August 4, 1968. Third son of Jaime and Raquel Rotstain Helfman. Susana and his older brothers James and his younger brother Isaac completed the family of the Jewish Community in Peru. He began his schooling in college Leon Pinelo, being rather poor in the English language, he convinced his parents to him exonerated of that course in college. Just 7 years old, Joseph took the first magic touch using the Wizard Sarcko (Jorge San Martin) who performed a magic show for his birthday. The Wizard Sarcko had three types of show, depending on the type of clothing. Joseph could appreciate the best of those shows. The magic hit him so much that found in a game of Magic Christmas in the Library "The Family", was left on the street in San Isidro Miguel Dasso. Being Jewish and not celebrating Christmas, I had to wait and insistently ask that magic trick, until his birthday 8. "Magic # 5" of "Merit". It was the best gift of his life. The first show performed in that box, did his family. He discovered how important it was to keep the secret thanks to Buba (grandmother) who gave a phrase that became important in their presentations. "Why do you have that letter hanging on the back?" Her grandmother had betrayed the secret of the trick for his carelessness. His slogan was "never more revealing, because the illusion is lost." The magic did not take his time to share his time with friends in the neighborhood, including Gianmarco Zignago, Jean Paul Straus and Domingo Giribaldi were among others, who were playing football, always being a fan of Sporting Cristal. His other passion was sports Ping pong, he came to compete abroad representing Peru in this sport. At night, he played backgammon or earn some money in poker with friends in the neighborhood. Wangle money he took him just 14 years of age to work timidly doll "Mickey" in child clown show "Popotín". Mario Barbier Gaston-Gamio promptly paid him his performance, which jealously guarded behind the intercom from his bedroom. At age 15, he stopped being "Mickey" to become "crazy bird". His stature does not allow him to continue using another guise. This situation was repeated at 17. Joey, as he was known in the neighborhood, also went into that costume, so Popotín offers him the doll ventriloquism "Junior". Junior debut (first timidly talking, and with immense lenses to shame) on the first birthday of my son William, 20 December 1985. I had a very good friendship with Mario Barbier and Joey since. I knew something about magic, and realized a partnership with Mario in 1987 to perform magic shows child. I showed him the office of Mario magician and the assistant Joey. At that time "Metamorphosis" and "Chest swords" that made both at the parties they were made. I had stage fright, so I just spent the magical direction. 1988 was the year of the launch of the "Wizard Huachafuz". A contract of society "Magic Magic" Barbier and mine, required several wizards for magic festival remembered "Home Fair". The character was based Dany De Vito, in the show "Magic with the Stars", one of the few television shows american thanksgiving coming local television. Comic magic, if the nerves were failing and needed to save the situation. Huachafuz lasted only a year. Mario Barbier had also become "The magician Paul," but because of family problems, decides to leave the field and focus on xerography and printing. Joey gets "out of work" and was looking to teach you magic. One year of basic training, retrieve magic trunks, and the decision to launch the fore only took us an agreement to launch the wizard Giorhini. Jose Rotstain Helfman take the first letters of its name to JoRH. The INI termination Houdini. But Jorhini not sound very well, so I changed the GI J ... Giorhini was the decision. 1990 is the date that the Peruvian magic circle is created, and is a founding partner Giorhini. However, small differences separate us from this institution for the moment.

Thanks to Lino Estrada, a family friend, journalist and graphic designer, an interview in the program "1990 Jaime Bayly" is achieved. He had not yet entered the cable, so the only 5 channels were not good programming, and Friday was forced 10pm that program.

He competed in 92 Flasoma in Colombia, under registration in the Colombian Club of Magical Arts, Gustavo Lorgia. Magic argued. Widely applauded routine, yet generally considered magic, and have not yet category changes are refused official rating. Public reminiscent "Fight Lambert Giorhini" program organized Bayly, to promote magic. Canout Trishow in the theater, along with Gloria Maria Solari, and Giorhini Hugo Salazar was successful in almost six months under the stage direction of Carlos Victoria and magical direction mine. This show was in parallel with a magical season Wizard Giorhini next violins quartet "Corda Nostra" that was made in the Sky Room of the Hotel Crillon. 1993 we launched the first video "Learn magic Giorhini" via Telemercado. The second volume appeared in 1994. Telemercado gave us the chance to meet the daughter of "Rhadini" great magician Arequipa early 50 Unfortunately Telemercado changed hands, and the output of the third volumen..Susy Muñiz was frustrated , Rhadini daughter dies of brain aneurysm. Already in 1991 he had raised the idea of ​​a play "The Magic of Giorhini" in the Athena Palace Theatre. Full magic show, which despite being fully armed, never saw the light, terrorist events of the time they put a curfew. The theater changed owners, and the dream fell asleep until 1995. We met with the former owners of this theater and "My Great Illusion" show performed in the Punchinello theater, magic theater built under our suggestions, at Berlin was created in Miraflores. 3 month season was not successful, mainly because at that very moment had come Tihani Circus. The losses were heavy, and our business partnership should disappear. His great fear of English is cured by magic. I needed to read the tricks! He found the solution:

Joseph knew since 1991 Marcela Noblecilla Olaechea. The chemistry worked from day one. Therefore, Marcela became part of the show Giorhini. Endless hours in "the lion's den", pub disco renowned actor Gustavo Bueno, framed the magic and love that was consolidated over time with her and Kike Casterot we made a special magic "magic Giorhini in theater Juan Parra del Riego. Hence he was born the tamale Wizard, personified by Kike Casterot.

We're working together since 1998, although not as society. Ongoing support in children's shows, corporate events and others are not left waiting. Giorhini becomes the bulwark of the Peruvian magic. Your children's shows are the benchmark for other magicians. Giorhini Cimape back in 1997, chaired by Roland Hartley Giorhini Make an agreement with Inca Kola in 1997 to visit two schools a day, Monday through Friday for three years. More than 200,000 children a year enjoyed the "magic show with magician Inca Kola Giorhini. 1998 was the big change. Joseph marries Marcella, although religious differences play their differences: is Jewish and she is Catholic. The ceremony is civil, though made in secret blessings in both churches. In the new millennium, "magilusión" Wizard Magic Shop Rolando Hartley, the same day the birth of her first child, David Diego opens. Gabriela would come two years after Augusta. International awards ahead. The Cadi and Flasoma are two of the most important. Routines derived from the most magical part of his life: In 2007 Giorhini took the theater "The Magic Hat Giorhini" family play as a magical tale, directed by Mari Pili Barreda in the Prelude theater. The show was repeated in 2009 in the theater Canout under my direction and in 2014 under the direction of Francesca Solari. The work is unique in its kind. Marcela has written the story, which can still be found for sale in bookstores. In this work the ritual where the title of this note is born is born. The need to create this magic word and a gesture in the work, and now heritage of Peru becomes magicians: David Diego and Gabriela Augusta, children form the first part, Marcela Noblecilla Olaechea, his second wife. Didagaau Marnobleo. Giorhini magic still invade new generations: Two magic boxes carefully designed by him are in the market since 2012, "Magic with Giorhini" and "Funny Magic" are two contributions to the Peruvian magic. In addition to permanent and integral to Telethon, Puericultorio, nursing homes, churches, schools, nursing homes and a number of aid agencies aid Giorhini presented the November 2, 2014 a show to benefit children with HIV in Huancayo.

He was with slightly high cholesterol, and in Huancayo arteries reduce in size due to the smaller amount of oxygen by altitude. The show was however always successful. Upon returning to Lima, they widened arteries and cholesterol zarro formed a clot that lodged in a coronary artery, cutting off blood flow that nourishes the heart. Emergency operation to place stents, and stabilize it, but 60% was already taken. Fruitless search for stem cell procedures, because the complications began taking kidneys and liver.

Giorhini died on November 7, 2014 at 6:20 pm.