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[[Gordon W. Mattice]] (c.1907- 1982) was a Reverend and amateur  magician.
'''Gordon W. Mattice''' (c.1907-1982) was a Reverend and amateur  magician.
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Gordon W. Mattice (c.1907-1982) was a Reverend and amateur magician.

Gordon W. Mattice
Borncirca 1907
DiedApril 19, 1982 (age 74)

As a boy, he knew Hardeen when they lived on 113th Street in New York City, across from his own home.

A member of I.B.M., Order of Merlin, from Ring 140 (Ithaca. NY), Mattice wrote a column called "Magiministers" for Genii magazine in 1939 and into the 1940s.[1][2]


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