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Great Tricks Revealed

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Great Tricks Revealed
AuthorWill Goldston
PublisherG. Routledge & Sons
Publication Date1935

Great Tricks Revealed by Will Goldston, introduction by Horace Goldin, president of The Magicians' Club.


  • Introduction by Horace Goldin
  • I Some Magical Recollections .
  • II Pocket Tricks
  • III Routines : Thimbles
  • IV Cigar and Cigarettes
  • V Rope
  • VI Billiard Balls
  • VII Suggestions and Advice
  • VIII Card Tricks
  • IX Indian and Egyptian Magic
  • X Miscellaneous Magic
  • XI Handkerchief Tricks
  • XII The Magical Inventors
  • XIII Stage Illusions
  • XIV Black Art Routine .
  • XV These Men made Mystery
  • XVI Magic in Other Countries


  • Some Magical Recollections
  • Introduction to Pocket Tricks
  • The Cut and Restored Cotton
  • The Money-box
  • Change!
  • A Mysterious Match-box
  • A Regular Twister
  • A Good Shot
  • The Hypnotized Cigar
  • The Jumping Match
  • A New Torn Strip Restored
  • The Magical Match
  • A Knotty Problem
  • A Pretty Sleight with a Thimble
  • The Puzzling Thimble
  • Introduction to Cigar and Cigarette Tricks
  • Vanishing a Lighted Cigarette
  • Manipulations with a Cigarette. The Transfer
  • The Production of Five Lighted Cigarettes
  • A Cigarette Producer
  • James Wakefield's Cigar Routine
  • Sleights with Cigars. Vanish and Recovery
  • To Make One Cigar into Two Cigars
  • Another Method
  • The Vertical Vanish and Recovery
  • Cigar to Cigarettes
  • A Rope Routine
  • Introduction to a Billiard Ball Routine
  • Albert Warby’s Billiard Balls Routine
  • Bertram's Billiard Ball Trick
  • The Rising and Falling Ball
  • Special Tables
  • "If at First you don't Succeed--"
  • Useful Tips
  • Some of the Oldest Tricks
  • Useful Card Tips
  • The Importance of Patter
  • A Producer is Essential
  • Specialization
  • Dress Correctly
  • Methods in Hat Loading
  • Introduction to Card Tricks
  • A Good Trick Pack
  • The Missing Card Discovered
  • An Optical Illusion
  • The Rising Card
  • The Envelope and the Card
  • The Hypnotized Cards
  • An Uncanny Trick
  • Hunter’s "Spelling Bee" in Various Forms
  • The Spelling Bee
  • A Fine Thought-reading Trick
  • A Simple Card Frame
  • A Changing Tray for a Pack of Cards
  • The Improved Rising Cards
  • A Different Thought-reading Trick
  • The Egg and the Card
  • A New Card Frame
  • Indian Magic
  • Egyptian Magic
  • Catching Live Pigeons in the Air
  • The Ribbon Tube
  • The Note and the Balloon
  • The Best of all Bank-note Tricks
  • Silent Thought-reading
  • Thought-reading with Numbers
  • A Message Read in a Crystal
  • The Will Goldston Thought-reading Apparatus
  • Norman’s Improved Die Trick
  • The Die and the Hat
  • A Production Screen
  • The New Production Box
  • A Production Canister
  • The Missing Watch
  • The Linked Rings
  • Streamers to Flag
  • A Good Flag Staff
  • Karnack’s Spirit Hand
  • The Message on the Screen
  • Thumb Prints
  • The Magical Tie
  • The Kellar Growth of Flowers
  • The Pellew Flower Production
  • Magical Suggestions
  • Thought-reading Simplified
  • Suggestions for a Handkerchief Production Act
  • One from Three
  • A Novel Vanishing Handkerchief
  • A Bottle of Ink and a Handkerchief
  • A Handkerchief Pistol
  • The Improved Ghost Tube
  • A Mysterious Handkerchief
  • The Newest Soup Plate and the Handkerchiefs
  • Horace Goldin’s Handkerchief Vanish
  • A Handkerchief and a Glass Chimney
  • The Handkerchief and the Glass Vase
  • The Magical Inventors — A Tribute
  • Introduction to Stage Illusions
  • A Trick Séance
  • Shooting an Arrow through a Girl
  • Introduction to the Black Art Mysteries
  • Will Goldston’s Black Art Routine
  • These Men made Mystery
  • Magic in Other Countries

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