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Half Baked

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Half Baked
EditorsRyan Pilling
First issueJuly 2000
Final issueApril 2003
Total issues12

Half-Baked: The Journal of Ideas That Aren't was a small magazine published quarterly from July 2000 until April 2003. Twelve issues were released both in print and as a PDF e-book.

The core of the magazine was a notebook of un-finished, or un-tested (half-baked) ideas for magic tricks, presentations and methods.

Edited and published by Ryan Pilling. An annotated book is in the works to collect all twelve issues under one cover was scheduled for the spring 2008.

Contributors (in order of first appearance): Ariel Frailich, Kevin James, Andi Gladwin, Terry Linder, Ryan Pilling, Andrew Walker, Tomas Blomberg, Jim Maloney, Nathan Kranzo, Joe Pecore, Robert Long, Ben Harris, Adam vanLangenberg, Chris Nuzzaco, Matias Goldman, Randy Burtis, Luke Dancy, Scott Raymond, Adam Brooks, De Wayne Izer, Peter Marucci, Steve Glaser, Peter Groning, David Boothe, Ron Jackson, Keven Williams, Ryan Matney, Donovan Deschner, John McGrath, Joshua Vogt, Lance Rich, John W. Stevens, Andy Luttrell, Paul Alberstat, Stan Helford, Bryce Pilling, Wesley James, Dale Hildebrandt, Larry Lee, Jason Metivier, Andrew Pinard, Jeffrey Wampler, Andy Hurst, Jose Guimaraes, Lee Alex, Kaj Eijlers, Richard Morrell, Steve Proescher, John Gordon, Karl Berseus, Jamie Badman, Timothy Laws, Brent Braun, Patrick O'Gorman, George Quinn, David Acer, Timotheous, Kostya Kimlat, Bizarro.