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Harrison Carroll

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Harrison Carroll
BornHarrison Carroll
December 25, 1948
Buffalo, New York

Notable worksThe Trade Show University
Known forTrade Show Magician

Harrison Carroll (born December 25, 1948) is an American magician, living in Buffalo, New York. Mr. Carroll worked primarily as a trade show magician. He officially retired from performing in 2012.


A graduate of the State University of New York, at Buffalo, school of business, Carroll began performing, at the venerated Forks Hotel, (1974-1979). It was there that he developed his unique performing style under the tutelage of the fabled sleight-of-hand artist, Eddie Fechter. In addition to Fechter, Mr. Carroll was mentored by notable sleight-of-hand artists Frank Garcia, Karl Norman and Eddie Tullock.

Upon Fechter’s death in 1979, Carroll and Rob Allen founded the Performing Magicians Association. It was designed to bring together performing magicians from around the world. The organization, along with its magazine called, State of the Art, eventually failed. In 1991, the Performing Magicians Association closed its doors.

Carroll performed in all types of venues throughout the Buffalo area, including private events and clubs, before becoming a full-time professional in 1982. It was then that he began to specialize in trade shows and corporate events.

During a career that spanned 30 years, he performed in 14 countries and 43 States at many of the world’s largest and most prestigious tradeshows including: CeBIT, Comdex, CES, NAB, and many others. His client list included some of the world’s most prestigious corporations: Xerox, CITGO, American Express, PPG, and numerous other Fortune 500 and multi-national companies.

He possessed the unique aptitude for integrating magic into a company’s sales message. This ability was most appealing to corporations looking to market their products in a unique way. As a result, his services were in demand and it enabled him to perform throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Latin American.

Mr. Carroll selectively contributed instructional material, magical effects, and perspectives to trade periodicals and books on magic. In 2015 he introduced, The Trade Show University to assist other magicians who desire a career in the trade show industry.

2016 - 2020, Contributing columnist for Vanish Magazine.



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