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History of Magic in St. Louis

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History of Magic in St. Louis
AuthorDon Rataj
EditorRoger Linden
IllustratorDon Rataj
Publication Date2011
Followed byDon Rataj
SubjectRing One magicians 7 presidents

History of Magic in St. Louis was a book by Don Rataj, historian of the St. Louis IBM Ring One, which was issued to its members and past presidents. The book included the Presidents from 1927 to 2011, & also included notable magicians from the St. Louis area.

St. Louis past Ring One Presidents 1927 to 1936 Andrew Buel 1937 Louis Vizard 1938 Dr. Charlton F. Chute 1939 W. U. James 1939 Ben Badley 1940 P. T. Little 1941 Forrest Hendricks 1942 Merlin Eifert 1943 M. N. Ray 1944 Richard Wehmeyer 1945 Adolph Boldt 1946 Jack Lippincott 1947 Hal T. Burgess 1948 Sidney Weaver 1949 Milton Ross 1950 Joe Shertz Darnell 1951-1952 Father Paul Lloyd 1953 Bev Taylor 1954-1955 Bud Dietrich 1956 James "Spike" Kramer 1957-1958 Earnie Heldman 1959 Charles Zesch 1960-1961 Harold Theper 1962-1963 Don Lawton 1964 Roger Sylwester 1965-1966 Harry "Monti" Monteith (SAM International President, 2000) 1967 Lester Greenberg 1968 Charles Zesch 1969 Tom Daniels 1970 Rev. Paul Zipfel 1971-1972 Dennis Galegher 1973 Bob Piper 1974 Dr. Dave Menton 1975 Robert Feleps 1976-1977 Gene Devoe Zimmerman 1978 Bob Cernicek 1979-1980 Jim Nagel (IBM International President) 1981 Larry Corona 1982 Webb Taylor 1983 Dave Snetsinger 1984 Conrad Dunn 1985-1986 Steve Zuehlke (Shields) 1987 Barry Silverman 1988 Laurence "Chuck" Levy 1989 Rick Neiswonger 1990 Roger Linden (Egar) 1991 Steve Causey 1992 Steve Zuehlke (Shields) 1993 Dave Snetsinger 1994 Steve Levit 1995 Don Rataj (Ring One Historian and writer) 1996 Dr. Robert Kenny 1997-1998 Randy Kalin (St. Louis Ronald McDonald) 1999 Keith Nagy (Joeff) 2000 Greg Green 2001-2002 Ray Belz (Raymondo) 2003-2004 Keith Smith 2005 Terry Richison 2006-2008 Ted Schnarre 2009 Josh Routh 2010 Steve Barcellona 2011 Terry Richison 2012 Terry Richison

Currently Don is working on another book "250 Magician you don't know". He is always looking for more information on magicians from the past.

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